Monday, August 1, 2011

Flying to Savannah - Mini-Vacay part I

I am generally anxious over all modes of public transportation, flying alone being the most anxiety-inducing.
I lost sleep over worrying about flying by myself all on my own for the first time. I was nervous about driving myself to a long-term parking lot and then finding a shuttle to bring me to the right terminal. I was nervous that my luggage wouldn't fit in the over-head bin (which it barely did.) And I was nervous I would miss my connecting flight in an anxious run through the maze of the Atlanta Airport. I'm neurotic. Surprisingly, I got myself and my 2 Vera Bradley bags onto both planes with time to spare. Only one of the silver studs I was wearing was left behind due to a three-way battle between me, my rolling luggage and the over-head bin. I guess I came out on top, although the luggage came in close second with an earring K.O.
On my first flight I had a window seat. The crystal clear day made for a heavenly view.  The window not only provided me with a scene at which to cast my gaze, but also a supportive structure upon which to rest my head.  I was passed out within minutes of take-off.

My own heavy REM-style breathing woke me up. Startled, I sat up and finished my book. Was it rude to fall into a head-back, mouth-open, deep sleep on an hour and a half flight with not even two inches separating me from the business-man next to me? Je was wearing a blue button down, reading something obviously heavier than "Heaven is for Real:" a four-year-old's account of his "visit to heaven."  
The rattling of the beverage cart interrupted my sleepy internal debate, and a new debate developed. ToDiet Coke or not to Diet Coke? ..Maybe some sleep would do me good. Did I really need an extra can of fake sugar and caffeine after the diet coke and a generously sized iced coffee I consumed earlier? I decide Yes. The answer is always Yes when the question is "Diet Coke?" With my new jitters I got bored reading my own novel and glanced over to see what Business Man was reading. I'm not exactly sure what the type 8 font read, but I do know it had a header of "EXECUTIVE SUMMARY"on every page, a title that stated something along the lines of "Blah blah Civilian Protection, blah blah blah." Oh, and it was signed by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I'm glad I decided not to drool on my aisle 17 neighbor.

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