Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fresh Faced and On The Go

So posting patterns indicate that I had spare time at the very beginning of this semester, and at the bitter end.  

However, little down time is typically a good thing in my book.  I cannot deny that I like to keep busy.  Let me walk you through a typical day in my new life in Huntington, WV:

6:00 am wake up call
6:30 gym
7:30 am shower/breakfast/get ready/etc.
8:30 am work at the preschool/on campus
4:00 pm work at the restaurant
10:00 pm come home to do homework
11:00 pm bed time 

Depending on the day, I might babysit instead of work on campus, or I might drive an hour to class instead of work at the restaurant.  But you can understand the general gist. 

Not a whole lot of "me time" thrown into my 15 hour days.  
Aside from staying busy, another quality you might already know about me is that I like to at least appear somewhat put together in public.  I believe in looking refreshed even when I am not feeling as such.  So how does a graduate student/teacher's assistant/babysitter/waitress attempt to look "fresh" all day long?

The perfect long lasting makeup. 

Thank you, Arbonne, for keeping my fresh face on from 8 am until 8 pm. 

The #1 tool in my toolkit is Arbonne's makeup primer.
You guys, I never before thought I needed primer, but this has become absolutely indispensable to my daily regimen.  It is smooth and lightweight, and when put on before my foundation, keeps that in place all day long.  For the days that I am too rushed to put on foundation, I simply put on a layer of primer to give me an instant glow sans the ugly appearance of my pores. 

But even before I apply my miracle primer - I use the products from the Calm line: 
Soothing Eye Gel to relieve the puffiness from the long day prior, and,
Soothing Serum and/or Daily Moisturizer to lock in moisture for the entire day.  

Another tool I keep up my sleeve? Arbonne's mattifying powder.  This translucent powder can be put under or over make up, and erases that unwelcome oily sheen I undoubtedly acquire running through a warm restaurant.  

Some other favorite finishing touches: 



And way-way-after: 

Exhausted, yes, but makeup is still in tact, am I right? 
(All three pictures taken on the same day, one at 8:00am, 8:30am and 9:00pm) 

I know I'm not the only crazy multitasking woman out there - if you're anything like me and going nonstop for 12+ hours of the day, go ahead and request a sample of any of these products. I'd be happy to help :) 

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