Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap - We Went "Out Last Night"

"Well the fact that I'm still breathing 
Means that I must have survived 
And that I'll live to go out with 
My friends again tonight"

-Kenny Chesney, Out Last Night

My friends and I had quite an eventful weekend, and needless to say, when Kenny sang this song live we all went crazy - dancing, laughing and singing together front row (of the 3rd tier) at Giants Stadium. 

Friday morning began with a sunny top-down drive Parkway South. The weather was so gorgeously humidity-less and cool it didn't even hit 80 by 9am! Would you believe me if I told you I actually turned the heat on at my feet because it felt COLD driving with the top down? True story.

My bff and I spent allllll day bronzing on 13th ave and by 3:30 I was crispy enough to exit the beach and begin prepping myself for Djais Happy Hour - the hour I've been waiting for for 21 years. Happy hour turned into a very Happy Five and a Half Hours, and we turned in early(ish?) to get some (debatable) sleep. My feet were covered in DJais grime and my fist was all pumped out, but I'll admit it was still hard to leave that place when my friends proclaimed it time to go. 

We were all in agreement that we needed a good night's sleep (although it never happened) because we would be tailgating in the heat of Parking Lot J at the New Giants Stadium for the much anticipated Kenny Chesney Concert. 

By 11am, we were strategically parked (16 of us, in 3 cars all of which were double parked for supreme tailgate positioning.) 

By 6pm we were multiple cases of beer in, four rounds of grilling finished and two hour late for the concert. We made it in just in time for Zac Brown Band's introduction... which was phenomenal by the way.  Zac Brown Band was honestly amazing. I think I was more impressed with them than Kenny... musically speaking, of course.  KC's stage presence is undeniably energizing and entertaining, and let's face it, he's beyond eye candy. I basically swooned every time he wiggled his hips or the camera got a close up of his babyface. My eyes liked Kenny the best, but my ears loved Zac. 

There were so many great highlights about this concert:
- The guest appearances (Nick Swisher <3, Rex Ryan, Minka Kelly ... to name a few)
- Singing Boys of Fall ... I may have shed a tear watching our boys embrace during this one. I wish C could have been there.
- KC's tight jeans
- Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington AND ZacBrownBand coming back on stage to perform with Kenny
-Etc, etc. 

I didn't get home until well after midnight and I was overly exhausted, achy, cranky when I had to wake up at 7:00 the next morning ... but the concert was well worth it. 

Sunday I drove 45 minutes in a monsoon to C's school, a trip that is usually a much safer 30 minute ride. Once I got there, however, we had a lovely breakfast and of course I didn't mind the rain, nor it being so early.   I miss that boy; I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I love me some football but I can not WAIT until the college season is over. For now, I'll stop complaining and be thankful for the hour and a half I got to spend with him on a rainy Sunday morning :) 

And now it's Monday, my body is still recovering but I have to ignore my aches and be productive because tomorrow starts serious preparations for Student Teaching. Ah! Where did summer go?!!!!! 

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