Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Do you listen to the radio in your car?  If so, what type of station do you like?
All the time. Almost my entire drive from MD to NJ is country radio. 

2. What is the best concert you have ever attended?
Ah that's a tough one. Honestly? Probably Aerosmith with Kiss at MSG. A close runner-up would be Bruce at the closing of the Meadowlands. 

3. What is the most embarrassing concert you have ever attended?
I don't think I'm embarrassed about any of the concerts I have attended.  Although it was slightly embarrassing sitting third row at a Tim McGraw concert...crying....by myself.  But only slightly. The concert was way too good to feel anything other than joy and excitement. 

4. If you could have the singing voice of anyone in the world, who would it be?
Hmm... Probably Martina McBride. 

5. You’re auditioning for American Idol.  What song do you sing?
I have no idea, but I do know it would a song originally sung by a male. Because my singing voice most closely resembles that of a male singer than a female singer. Just ask my sister, she never forgets to remind me of this lovely quality of mine.  

6. If your previous weekend had its own soundtrack, what would be a few of the songs?
Seek Bromance - Avicci (sung live at D'Jais Friday night!!)
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
Give Me Everything - Pitbul
Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owens
I'm On One -  Lil'Wayne (bc the boys at the shore house wouldn't stop playing it)
You and Tequila - Kenny Chesney ft. Grace Potters 

7. Most annoying television show theme song ever:
Backyardigans. UGHHHH. The worst part about babysitting my girls (Thank goodness they're getting too old to enjoy this show)

8. Are you and your significant other music-compatible?
Very much so. He's my concert companion. Although I will say he can listen to the screaming rock a little more than I can. And I probably enjoy a good R&B song more than him, but most of the time we compromise. 

9. A song that brings me back to middle school:
Holiday Inn - Chingy

10. A song that brings me back to high school:
Forever - Chris Brown

11. A guilty pleasure song (or three):
So Into You - Tamia ft. Fabolous!!!!!!!!!! I can't get enough of this song. Oh well. 
Still Fly - Big Tymers
Show Stopper - Dannity Kane 

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