Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's OK ...

After whining for the entirety of my last post, I surfed the blogosphere a bit (still haven't packed, worked out, or napped..) and found this fun link-up @Amber's blog. What a great way to feel a little better about the way I'm spending my Thursday. 
Its Ok Thursdays

This Thursday, at least for me, it's ok ...

- To go a day without Make-up. Especially in the summer, a tan is a girl's best foundation!

- To pretend that country stud is singing just to you ;) 

- To write trivial blog posts just for fun. Sometimes your brain needs a break. 

- To go to Target for the sole reason of buying your boyfriend new undershirts. Just because you have a coupon. 

- And to be giddily excited to give them to him. 

- That new metallic Sharpies were the highlight of your week.

- To not be at the beach on a *surprisingly* sunny day with no other concrete plans. *sigh* that was really hard to say. 

- To not answer a phone call because it was "charging upstairs..." 

- To eat a pork roll and egg sandwich two hours after your bowl of greek yogurt.  Girlfriend can't be healthy all the time. Jersey girls need their Pork Roll! 

- To totally feel like you're scamming on Glamour's "Hey, it's OK..." column because, hey, that's what makes Glamour your favorite Magazine - flatter yourself, Glam. 


Amber said...

I've totally been "charging my phone" before, ha! I've gotta find some metallic sharpies! Thanks for linking up :)

Neely said...

I go lots of days without makeup :)

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