Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reasons to Run in the Rain

Normally, I use rainy weather forecasts as an excuse to skip my outdoor run. Today, however, I was feeling so bad about myself after eating nothing but junk all day that I forced my running shoes on despite possible scattered thunderstorms.  Here's why I enjoyed my abbreviated jog, and why I recommend running the risk of being caught in inclement weather for the benefit of a workout:

  1. It's cooler. Everyone has been suffering the brutality of a heat-wave-ridden July and August with obscene humidity levels.  If the thick air and scorching pavements are preventing you from running outdoors, use the cool summer rain to counter that.
  2. Once that first raindrop hits your head, you bet your legs will start moving faster to beat the oncoming downpour. Faster run = better workout.
  3.  And if you have a charming boyfriend like mine who makes disgusted remarks on the way you sweat like his roommate who happens to be a 285 pound defensive lineman, maybe you could use the potential rain showers as a disguise. "No, that's not sweat! Are you crazy? It started sprinkling half way through my four mile jog."  ;) 
  4. It's badass. When someone sees you treading through muddy grass on a rainy day people will see you as a dedicated health nut. Which I am not. At all. But it's nice for people to think that even for just a minute. 
I didn't have enough time to run as far as I would have liked, but the few raindrops I felt on the short run I did map out felt fantastic. 

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