Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Amazing Adventures of a Crayfish

As a culminating activity, the Purple Room decided to author their very own book.  Using construction paper, markers, binder rings, and a round-robin brainstorming of material, the students completed a story to show their parents with a little help from their (patient) teachers. It goes a little something like this:
The Amazing Adventures of a Crayfish by the Purple Room
(The Abridged Version) 
Once upon a time there was a crayfish and he ate leaves.  The crayfish went under a rock to look for food. Then I put a big rock under the pond and the crayfish fell asleep under the rock.  He woke up and he looked for food. 
 Then after the crayfish ate he went for a little swim.  After he went for a little swim, he went to find some friends.  He was crawling around. 
Then the next morning I put in a shiny black rock and it was so small that the crayfish couldn't get under it. He scraped the rock and it broke and something magic came out of it. 
 And then he shared with his friends. And he lived happily ever after.  

Have we taught these kids well, or what? All good things come from sharing and lives will always go on happily ever after. The end.
Here's one of the students showing his Dad the book. I didn't take any solo shots of the book, and I can't post my kids faces on the internet.  Maybe tomorrow I'll remember to scan in pictures of the book for your enjoyment. Probably not though, because probably no one cares, and that's fine. 

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