Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving ...

... My return to Hot Yoga Revolution. It's an awesome, awesome Yoga studio that makes you feel at home while giving you the sweatiest workout possible. Returning to HYR confirmed that Power Vinyasa is more my style, I love the variety and freedom of teaching styles, music selections, modifications, and spirituality that come with these classes; bye-bye Bikram. I love that I'm two classes in this week and I already feel a hundred times better :) 

... Babysitting my girls. I used to nanny a family of three girls that lived down the street from me. I started watching them when I was 16, they moved my freshman year of college, and since then I gradually saw less and less of them. Today I got to spend ALL afternoon with them and we had a blast! Love love love. 

... My new fedora. Reasonably priced and super cute with a ton of outfits. Thanks Nordstrom! 

... The small reunion I had with some high school besties at a bbq Katie graciously hosted on Monday. She's been living down the shore all summer and I have barely had a chance to even speak to her let alone hang out with her. Backyard parties with my HS friends are always a good time, and this was no exception. 

...Whoever created this sign. Apparently fantastic flying deer are running wild on the streets of E-town:

... Sitting in the kitchen, hearing my sister laugh from the Family Room. It's the little things :-) 

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