Friday, August 26, 2011

Nostalgia - Jersey Shore Style

Last weekend was spent at the Jersey shore, soaking up the sun, getting my fist pump on, and watching the first of C's preseason games. It was a fantastic weekend. Two of my three roomies came to experience life that is the real Jersey Shore, where I set up a PTA (Proper Tanning Angle, for you beach amateurs) for both of them via oversized beach towels, let them discover the deliciousness that is Surf Taco and later introduced them to the infamous D'Jais.

Ah, Belmar. How I miss you.  

Jill and Sarah had an awesome time at D'Jais, needless to say. They were in slight culture shock, I think. Jill mentioned a couple times that "people are just...bigger here." and Sarah was determined to find at least one surfer boy -- difficult mission indeed. If you know my roommates, you know they were more than pleased with the immediate rage-factor that smacks you in the face as soon as you walk through the door. I think they have a new love for RBVs and air horns. And I think Sarah is still wearing her D'Jais hat. We may have walked out of the bar that night with significantly less money, without Jill's car keys and slightly less dignity, but it was so worth it. 

A text message from Jill this afternoon prompted me to write this post. Although I got the same message already sent twice directly to my phone, she forwarded me a mass text from D'Jais: "2Day We're Open! Pre Hurricane Party! Happy hour 5 to 9 tonight after 8P GSP Alt Route to DJais is Exit 100 to 33 east to 35 South..."

Yearning for some J-Shore, Jillie? 

A little background - all exits south of 98 on the Garden State Parkway are closed today in evacuation mode for the hurricane. AKA, D'Jais is that hardcore.  And I kind of want to go... tonight. 

... If Irene gets in our way there's always next weekend. And I just know College Park will be rage-tastic tonight. I have my house music blaring from my laptop already either way ... soooo ready for the weekend!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!! 

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