Thursday, February 24, 2011


The other day I realized my original blog, "Mezcla del Dia" was becoming way more of a mezcla than I ever intended...

My intentions of creating a travel journal to share with friends and family while studying abroad evolved into a continuance of trivial story telling and random epiphanies.  I found I enjoyed blogging well after returning to the U-S-of-A and even more, that some of my friends enjoyed reading my insignificant postings.  In order to keep my Spain travel-logs from being lost underneath a pile of irrelevant posts, I created a a second page dedicated to the present adventure in which I attempt to figure out my true identity as the student/future teacher/shopaholic/grammarian/party goer/over-under achiever /indecisive and hypocritical female that I am.

Welcome to my new blog.
 please come back often, comment frequently, and leave behind as much sparkle as possible.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm trying to pick up my blogging-game.
I recently found a blogger I love, and I am trying to emulate her & her blogging community's consistency.  Every Tuesday they answer a survey: "10 on Tuesday."  How fun?! I love answering questions about myself, and who doesn't need another distraction mid-school week? I hope some of my followers enjoy this a fraction as much as I did.  I'm hoping that this new habit will continue, not only to distract me from my studies, but also to get me in a blogging mind frame. I am aiming to become a Diva Bloggess by the end of this semester.  ;)

Here we go, my first 10 on Tuesday:

1. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Do you love it? Hate it?
love love love. Who cares that the majority of Americans pessimistically refer to it as "Hallmark's Invented Holiday?"  Smart move, Hallmark! It's sad to think that some people need one day a year to remind themselves to tell the people they love, that they indeed do love them, but hey, once a year is better than nonce a year! 

2. What is your favorite romantic comedy?
This is a toughy. I'm a rom-com fanatic, and generally love any movie that can make me laugh and cry ("Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion - name that (favorite!) film.)  If I MUST answer, I'd have to say Knocked-Up is currently my fav.  There is something  irresistibly endearing about the unexpected match up between Seth Rogen and Katharine Hiegel, and I simply can't get enough of the cutie-patootie funny man that is Paul Rudd.  
Other close runners-up:
-40-year-old Virgin
-I Love You, Man (Bromances kill me. Get me every time.)
- Vicky, Christina, Barcelona (does this count?)
- Pretty Woman
- Hitched

3. Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp: what’s your first reaction?
Love, and love. 

4. All time favorite poem or quote?  
"you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you."
-- Mr. Darcy

5. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep? (like consecutive hours).
Not sure. I can assure you it wasn't very long, though. I'm a baby and need my beauty sleep!! If i had to guess I'd say 20 hours (relay for life weekend?)

6. What color ink do you prefer to use?
I vacillate between being a black or blue fan.  Although my agenda book is covered in purple and pink.  Go figure. I guess I'm not picky ..

7. Share with us a blog that you recently found and fell in love with (and link us!)
operation nice  -- Just the name alone allures you

8. If you could be on a reality TV show which one would you choose?
American Idol. Oh how my life would improve if only my voice had the approval of America's most watched television viewers.  

9. Mountains or Beach?
BEACH. Jersey Girls sleep just fine with sand in their beds. On the rocks, not so much. "Cause down the shore, every thing's alright." 

10. With the Oscars around the corner, what’s your pick for best picture?
Black Swan -- I think it's the only one I've seen?? Phenomenal none the less.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning didn't feel like Valentine's Day. I finally got out of bed after hitting the snooze button three times, and turned on my phone to a text from my Valentine: "Happy Valentines Day!!!!!"

After a brief "thnx babe you too" correspondence, the early-morning texting rapport ended.  And I left to class, not to hear from Christopher until around 10:00 pm, again, via text.  

This is the first year in four consecutive years to not be with loverboy on V-day.  Sure I was mildly depressed seeing happy couples walking hand in hand on this unusually beautiful 60-degree February day, but I really can't complain.  You see, Chris treats me everyday like most boys only do on Valentine's Day.  I didn't receive any roses in the mail today, because last month he sent me a bouquet just because it was Tuesday.  Last week he sent me a gift I had my eye on for months, and my favorite recent picture of us in a beautiful frame. He's the best. 

Not to mention, I didn't have much time to feel lonely today; I talked with the main man in my life (Daddy) while walking across campus, and I spent my afternoon with my adorable yellow-roomers.  Man do those guys know how to love.  I was greeted with uncountable hugs, 'i love yous,' and homemade Valentines.  

"Ms. Yelencsics I made you a card.  Because I love you and that's what you do for people you love on Valentine's Day." --yellow-roomer.  Why can't everyone put so eloquently into words what they are feeling? Why do we forget how to express our love once we graduate kindergarten? It's amazing to me how much love can fit inside those tiny little bodies.  

-The Valentine I received from my yellow-room friend

Random Romantic Musings

"In the midst of danger and pain, my contemplations have ever been cheered by your image.  Every object in competition with you, was worthless and trivial. No price was too great by which your safety could be purchased." - Pleyel in confession of his love for Clara Wieland; 179

I am currently reading the gothic novel, Wieland, by Charles Brockden Brown - it's dark, romantic, and mysteriously intriguiging.  I don't know why, but while I was trying to accomplish my 40 minute/night reading goal*, this passage jumped out at me.  You rarely hear such passionate declarations for love any more - and that kind of makes me sad.  What was it about the 18th century that made men swoon?  Does anyone else agree that over the past four centuries the art of romance in language has certainly fallen?  Poe, Hemingway, Melville, Brown ... they all would be turning in their graves if they were aware of the effort (or lack thereof) put into modifying the written word to fit into 140 characters or less on Twitter.  #tragedy.

*(English 313 is taking over my life)

PS - My oldest cousin Billy proposed to his girlfriend, Jen this past weekend! I wonder how eloquently he asked for her hand in marriage... At least I know he didn't use any social networking sites (#phew. )

PPS - I obviously jumped on the Twitter bandwagon recently, hence the abundance of "#." ... At least I'm still able to write more than 140 characters  (#phew.) 

Superbowl Sunday - My favorite Holiday

"Paul Prudhomme in the kitchen and Dr. John on the stereo! Life is good." 
- Mom's Facebook Status; 11:30am Superbowl Sunday. 

I don't get homesick often when I am at school, but today, I'm feeling it.  Sundays are my absolute favorite day of the week, whether I'm at home in NJ or with my girlfriends in CP. However, during football season, Sundays are something special in the company of my family, dad's cooking, and my leather sofa.

One of my favorite playoff memories... 2007 NFC champ game - Giants v. Packers. All of my favorite people in one room: Pop, Chris, BFFs C&B, Aunt BooBoo&co, Mom&Dad, Vitales <3 

Random Musing

Is anyone surprised that I saved forty hours of work, re-packing, bulk-grocery-shopping and textbook purchasing to the last week of my five week winter break? Because I'm not.  

It's Tuesday and on top of these things that I must do, I have a short list things I want to do before Saturday:Visit Lovah-Boy at school   Have a romantic (or any type really) dinner date with him on Friday night  Bring my little cousins out for ice cream  Attend the jewelry party my aunt is hosting at my house  Drive down to College Park early Saturday morning as to settle myself into my vacant apartment, and make it for the 5pm basketball game 
Right now with laptop in hand and Parenthood blaring from my TV, my to-do-list seems unpromising and ominous. My view from the couch is much more deceptively pleasant. 

January 13th

It's been a full week since my last post publicizing my personal resolutions for 2011. Although it may seem that I have slipped on at least one thanks to my week-long-hiatus from blogging, I propose a post to the surprisingly successful week in resolution efforts. 

First of all, although I have not written much for my fellow bloggers to follow, I have certainly put pen to paper this week by composing a narrative to help a family member earn a well-deserved honor for his military efforts. Hopefully  my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donny's extensive research and my small contribution in written form will help to earn Pop Nowitzke his Bronze Star this upcoming Memorial Day! On a side note, I feel honored not only to be able to do this good deed but also to be considered by my aunt and uncle who obviously have more confidence in my writing than I probably deserve...

Secondly, I must admit I have not really picked up my running game.  The snow has limited my outdoor trail access and quite honestly, I'm enjoying being utterly lazy way too much this winter break to get back in running shape.  Oops.  HOWEVER, I have successfully sat on my butt and researched possible races in which to participate -- anyone up for joining me in composing a marathon relay team?!! As for discovering my something "interesting," I think it will take some more time for searching.  However, I am being very conscientious about my spending so that when the right opportunity comes along ... I have the funds! For example, the other day I went to the most fabulous accessory store in Freehold Mall, "Charming Charlie" because my generous Aunt gave me a $50 gift card! More sparkle than you can imagine was dripping from every inch of the deceivingly large store, color-coded!  My mom wanted to kill me after the the first hour I spent drooling over cheap rhinestones - but instead of buyingeverything I wanted, I limited myself to the $50 on the card.  Now if that's not progress...I don't know what is ....

Here's a fun electronic bank my mom gave to me to help with my saving:[Image]
It reads the coin you put in the jar and digitally tells you how much you have saved in the jar! Perfect for a "rainy day" when I want to do something really interesting ;) 


2011 seems like a good year to make attainable and indelible resolutions.  Past years I unoriginally jumped on the “eat healthy and work out more” or “keep my room clean” bandwagons which I more so forgot rather than followed by mid-February.  Being that I am posting my resolutions to my public diary, I hope it (as well as my followers) will stand as a permanent reminder to stay true to my promises. Speaking of which, the perfect lead into my first resolution:

1. Write more.
...whether it be in blog, poem, note, or story form, I need to find time for this hobby that truly makes me happy.  Writing completely overwhelms me with a sense of pure satisfaction. Take note that 2011 will unquestionably be noted. 

2.  Run more.
... OK so I shamelessly fall once again upon the healthy habit bandwagon.  But this time with a more defined goal: 2011 will see at least one 10K race, and after, the training for a half-marathon
3.  Discover my “something interesting.”
... and own it.  Recently I was asked to proclaim a “really really interesting fact” about myself for the Group Fitness bulletin board.  What should be a simple task turned into an interrogation of my closest friends only to find what I already knew: my life (thus far) is not bulletin board interesting.  Yes I have my quirks, but is there something I accomplished in my twenty years interesting enough that people would want to read it? So far, I think not. A wise woman once said, “You’ve got to ignite the light, and let it shine. Just own the night, like the fourth of July.” I will take this advice, ignite the spark inside of me, and strive for a 2011 composed of many Fourths-of-July.

Verry Merry

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas this year. Mine followed strict Yelencsics Family Tradition: Christmas Eve with mom's family (i.e. an immeasurable amount of food served buffet-style, a combination of light and offensive clamor, unnecessarily competitive board games, pajama exchanging, et cetera.), Christmas Eve midnight candlelight service at church, waking up early to open presents - correction, I woke up early and begged Sarah to wake up for 2 hours before a single present was actually opened, and a revolving door of friends and family welcomed to spread Christmas Cheer :)

This post simply wouldn't be complete without a follow-up to the Christmas list I shared with you all earlier; My FAVORITE gift is a grey DC ski jacket with all the bells and whistles (e.g. media pocket, faux-fur lining, zipper-ventilators), with a little exchanging I picked out the perfect pair of short black Hunter rainboots, my boy surprised me with a shiny new pair of RayBan gold-framed aviators and last but not least a number of sparkly items I won't name to save you the bore. 

Thanks Santa!



I walked out of my FINAL final exam to some serious snow fall this afternoon..

For some reason the bitter cold, mild snowfall and the realization that I have NO more work to do until January 23rd put me into an instant state of laziness.  Things I've done today:

8:00 am: Went to the Gym.
9:30 am: Showered.
10:00 am: Realized Katlyn left with the blow dryer.
10:05 am: Frantically searched for a hat to cover my sopping-wet head
10:30am: Began my Journalism final..
12:30 pm: Completed the four essays that compiled the Journalism final.
1:00 pm:  (here's where it goes down hill...) Ate lunch.
2: 00 pm: Took a nap.
3:00 pm: Made hot chocolate and watched "Real Housewives: Beverly Hills" with Sarah on the couch.
4:00 pm: Blogged.

Maybe soon I'll pack so I can return to 354 Plainfield Road and begin my 5 week break of extended lethargy.

Lists, Lists, Lists!

Last night, Christine, Emily, Lauren and I exchanged gifts. I can officially cross number 1 off my Christmas Wish List!!! Thanks Laur! I can't wait for January 1st to start listing ... 

Of course I snuck a few peaks ahead in my agenda, and came across a week that asks me to "List places you would like to see in your home city." There are MANY places I still need to visit in my two urban backyards (NYC and DC) but after this past weekend I can cross one place off my DC list: Ben's Chili Bowl.  This hole-in-the-wall restaurant located on U Street is frequented by Bill Cosby and President Obama and is notoriously home of the best Chili in the nation.  Ashley, John, Kelly, Sam and I took a drive last Friday to find out for ourselves.  Complete with blaring Motown music, bowls of spicy chili, loud servers ,and a car load of indigestion, our experience was  one to remember. The chili was more than worth the $5 and a side of heart burn, and I definitely plan on returning. 
On another note, the Yellow Room got a pet last week.  It's a female, gray-faced, furry white hamster. For the past week it has remained unnamed, due to the grueling process of narrowing down a list with twice the amount of names on it than there are students in the class.  Today was the final vote. The final four nominations standing: 
Little Snow Flake
Little Sweetheart 

Drumroll please .... 
It was a very close race, but there was a winner by one vote. And the newest addition to the Yellow Room can now be called "Little Sweetheart." The children are SO excited about Little Sweetheart.  Unfortunately, Little Sweetheart has "Wet Tail" syndrome (aka the runs) which can apparently be fatal in hamsters. Even more unfortunately, Little Sweetheart is apparently the only gray-faced, furry-white hamster within 30 miles of the CYC. 
I can't say whether Little Sweetheart will make a miraculous return or not ... but I can assure you I'm glad I won't be there for the next five weeks to find out.  

On to my next list of things to do: Final Exams. I'm two down, two to go.
Math 214
EDHD 411
EDHD 425

 Wish me luck! 

Yellow Room Antics

On the playground, approximately 4:15pm - 

Cutie Patootie*: Ms. Alensis! Mommy and Daddy and me are going to a airport tomorrow!

Me: Wow how exciting! Are you going somewhere for vacation or to visit family?

Cutie Patootie: We are going somewhere far away on a airplane. I'm going to see Mommy's Ammy. 

In the classroom, approximately 5:15pm (pick up time) -

Me: Cutie told me how excited she is to go on an airplane tomorrow, are you guys taking a vacation?
Cutie Patootie's Mommy: Oh yeah, well my sister-in-law is getting married and Cutie is the flowergirl .. she's really looking forward to it. She won't be here for the next two days because the wedding is in Miami. 
Floridians should have been more careful when naming their popular SoFlo city, my preschoolers are well in-tune with their possessive pronouns....

*names have been changed to protect the wit and cleverness of the yellow room



It's been two years since I've been able to speak to this man - and I miss him more than anything. God Bless all our Veterans this 11th of November and don't forget to remember Pop, our biggest fan.

Hump Day Confession

A Hump-Day Confession 

It's early Wednesday morning - half way through this non-stop work week. Hallelujah. 
As a follow up from my most recent post, I registered for classes yesterday. I wish I could claim success in mastering the skill of registration half way through my fifth semester as a college student; instead I must confess my amateur knowledge in registration left me with two classes when I seriously thought I was signed up with five. Jenny Froh (a wonderfully amicable academic advisor and dedicated TEAMS advisor/friend) came to my rescue with her authority to get me into my classes quickly and efficiently. 
Thank you Jenny, and infinite thanks to my friends who got me through R-Day unscathed. 
Wishing everyone a peacefully uneventful end of the week :) XXOO


aka, Registration Day.

Thanks to my inability to make even the simplest decisions independently, and my irrational anxiety over my near future, Registration Day has become a day to dread for me and my close friends alike. The days leading up to my registration appointment for the past four semesters were filled with angst, countless hours on the phone with my alleged decision-makers (Mom, Chris, Lauren and Katlyn - all who understand they actually have no final say in the matter, but listen to me rant for my own appeasement), and minimal nausea.
This year, however, Katlyn has only viewed and approved three(or four) of my possible schedules, and aside from this post, the rest of my life coaches barely even know tomorrow is D-Day. 

I am 13 hours and 38 minutes away from my registration appointment, and I am unhesitant to admit that I am almost approaching slight confidence in registering for a sufficient Spring schedule. Wish me luck.

There will be days like This

There will be days like this 

This morning while I tried on nearly every sweater in my impractically constructed closet, measuring each one for its style factor and appropriateness on this 75 degree October day, I listened to my "Ray LaMontagne" inspired Pandora playlist and thought to myself, 'today is going to be a good day.'

I will leave a half an hour early to trek across campus to the CYC;
Leave with heavy eyelids during nap-time to walk yet to another opposite end of campus for my slightly interesting, but painfully long Media Literacy class;
Return to the CYC for my ever-important job of 'After Care Teacher' where I will fulfill my duties as playground "seeker" in hide and seek, chaser of freeze tag, and official parent greeter; all while receiving endless attention from my eighteen 3 and 4 year old sweet yellow room munchkins. I will leave the CYC for my extended weekend until Monday - exhausted. I will leave without the caffeine high I came with (thanks to my morning cup of extra strong coffee,) but with a wide grin and a warm heart as the last stragglers scream "Bye Ms. Alensis (Yelencsics)!!"

I will teach two hours and forty five minutes worth of classes at the gym after dinner, and then relax in front of the TV enjoying my guilty pleasure that is 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - grateful that my job as an aerobics instructor is earning me one step closer to my future as a MILF and New Jersey Housewife.

Cue Halloween Weekend.

Yes, today is going to be a good day :) LIke Van Morrison reminded me via Pandora this morning, 'My Momma told me there will be days like this'
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