Monday, August 29, 2011

Naturally Disastrous

If you're reading this, congratulations.
You have survived the Hurri-quake-anado of 2011. 

It's Monday morning and I am not at Student Teaching as my agenda book tells me I should be. 

Instead, I am sitting in the cloud of down that is my bed and shaking my head in dismay, and delight, in the events of the past week.  

On Wednesday Maryland shook pretty hard as a result of the 'quake in VA, leaving some of PGCPS to be closed for the rest of the week. My school was only closed for one day, which was disappointing at first, but soon I figured it to be a blessing. We're already far behind in lesson planning for 40 students thanks to monotony of first-week dullsville preparatory measures. Two extra days off would have sent me into a further spiraling digression into Summer Mode and left our plans in a black sixth grade hole of no return with no possibility of recovery. 

So we returned to school on Thursday and my students were already overly concerned about the forthcoming Hurricane Irene. 
8:15 Thursday Morning: 
"So about this Hurricane.... when will you tell us to Evacuate?"
We won't be telling you to evacuate. The Hurricane won't really be here until the weekend so we won't be in school. No need to worry.

8:45 This Same Morning:
"What EXACTLY will happen with this hurricane?"
Probably some really really strong winds and a lot of heavy rain. A hurricane is a a really big rainstorm that starts in the ocean.
Her eyes widen before she pivots her body and scurries to report to the gaggle of peers waiting behind her. 

1:00 Thursday Afternoon:
"So about this Hurricane again..."
(I can't help but laugh.) Yes, M? 
"Will it like, blow over an apartment building?"
No! No no, it won't be that bad I promise.
"Ok because like, I live in **** *** Apartments and I'm just thinking that would be bad. Maybe we should all evacuate now."
That won't be necessary.

And I walk away and rethink ever being honest with 6th graders about weather ever again. 

Then the weekend came and Jill and I ventured to Safeway, the Dollar Store, and the Liquor Store for disaster necessities. Our purchases?

Bud Light
All the juices needed to make "Hurricanes"
Plastic Cups
Inflatable Flamingo
Tropical Flower Head Pieces
Plastic Beach Scene Wall Mural 

We were prepared for a Tropical Storm Party, and Party we did. Along with the rest of College Park. 

Saturday night brought the worst of Irene and I watched the trees blow from the safety of my living room watching Erin Brokovich and eating junk food. I wasn't so much concerned for College Park; I had high hopes we wouldn't get hit too hard. I was overwhelmingly worried about my family back home in NJ, closer to water and the impending Tornado. 

Luckily everyone is safe and little to no serious damage was actually seen here nor at home. We were without power for over twelve hours, but Jill and I just sought refuge in her parent's home with a pool at which to bronze and a fully stocked bar with which to provide us cocktails. 

I got a phone call informing me school was closed yet again, due to power outages across the county, so we returned to our Apartyment and decided, as all mature college students did, to begin one more time the Hurricane procedures of blending, drinking, and dancing. In final review of the night at 2AM, I concluded the night to be naturally disastrous, in a good way.

Now it's a beautiful day and I have off from school. I will spend this time of calm after the storm working out, cleaning my room, and organizing myself for classes that are finally starting this week.

It's the last Monday of August and with all that has happened this last week I think I should start to prepare for September.

Enjoy the calm today, kiddies. I know I will. 

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