Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving....

... this beautiful beach day. Perfect weather for bronzing, plus C made a surprise visit to the beach to see me on his short lunch break. The only thing better than being at the beach is being at the beach with a handsome boy! 

... the hot, hot yoga instructor who taught class tonight ;) I can dig a boy who can do a full Scorpion. And who can make me feel like I just went through bootcamp after just an hour and fifteen minutes of yoga. This girl is going to be sorrreee tomorrow! Ohm Ohm Ohm 

... Back-to-School Shopping! I was absolutely giddy coming home from my Target run with a new planner, folder, binder, notebook (all of the above color coordinated of course,) pens, and metallic sharpies. #NerdAlert.
Not to mention, tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day, so if I can't go to the beach, I'm going to drive myself over to the outlets for some teacher clothes. Woot woot!

... All my new make up! C's momma periodically gets a box full of FREE merchandise from the Loreal factory store, and then I get to pick through and take whatever I want. I didn't walk away with my best goody bag of all time, but pretty darn good. Thanks Mrs. L!
A few of my goodies:

-Essie Nail Polish in Virgin Orchid

-Kiehls Mascara in Black

-Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Cocoa 

... and more. The items I get from her aren't always what I typically use, but hey, they're free... so why not give 'em a try? 


Faith said...

Lovely!!! Getting new school supplies and clothes is ALWAYS a favorite time for me!! I usually feel way more positive about the upcoming semester ;)

Melissa C said...

Love that Essie polish! I'm a big Essie fan :)

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