Sunday, July 31, 2011

In on the Seacret

It was Kelly's 21st birthday last week so we ventured down to her father's beach home for the weekend to celebrate. We went out to a beach bar the first night and enjoyed overly priced beers and a small sandy dance floor.  The next day was spent bronzing on the beach in between dodging patches of scattered thunder storms.  

Then the night we had all been awaiting, the legendary Saturday night out at Seacrets. 

For my non-OCMD-ers, Seacrets is the DJais, Bar A, Karma, and Tiki Bar of the NJ Shore combined into one giant party zone.  "Jamaica USA," as the bar boasts, is a city within the city of OC. With about a trillion bars, four dance floors, a pier, and three venues for live music, it is a beachy heaven.  

Probably less known for their food than for their frothy blended drinks, Jamaica USA still provided a delicious dinner for us to begin our night.  The food was surprisingly delectable. What was even better was my Jamaican Bobslide (triple espresso vodka and coffee frappe,) my Pain in De Ass (Rum Runner and Pina Colada) and my Dirty Banana (a daquiri, but better, with an entire banana blended in it.) 

I was forewarned that this was a breeding ground for middle-aged white trash. However, I think what I liked most about the place was the people.  While I observed my fair share of 40-somethings bearing freshly burnt noses and a sway in their swag - obvious signs of prolonged Seacrets exposure - the place was also filled with my peers, my parents' peers, my grandparents' peers, white people, black people, rainbow people, you name it. As Jillie so eloquently put it, these people were "just like, real people." 

Most people enjoying themselves in bikinis weren't size two models and there wasn't a single old man to creep out packs of Teeny Boppers.  Everyone fit in for a common cause: to get drunk and dance on the beach.  

I think that's the Secret - no discrimination as long as you're having a good time. And you'd have to trying pretty damn hard to not have a good time. 

Oh and it opens at 8am. Closes at 2am. What are you waiting for? 

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