I made a "bucket" list when I was 18 that I like to look back at every once in awhile. Since I am partial to To-Do Lists, I think I'll call it that.

 I try to update as often as I can with crossing off completed items, and adding items that I think of as I continue my life's journey :)  
Have fun following my adventures on my blog, and don't forget to encourage me to complete my goals - and make suggestions of things you think I simply must do before I kick that bucket. ;) 

  • Graduate from UMD with a degree in Teaching
  • Earn my Masters Degree
  • Study Abroad
  • Receive a 4.0 in one or more semesters
  • Climb the UMD Rock Wall
  • Climb to the top of Byrd Stadium at night
  • Sit in the front row of a Terps basketball game and a football game

  • Teach in an Elementary School
  • Be nominated for Teacher of the Year
  • Make a profound difference in one child’s life
  • Become an Administrator
  • Become my own Boss 
  • Become a Fitness Instructor
  • Get ACE/Cycling/Pilates/TRX certified (any one will do!)
  • Retire

Just for Fun
  • Honeymoon/romantic vacation to Hawaii
  • Ride an Elephant
  • Go to Vegas! 
  • Own Louis Vuitton Luggage (hehe)
  • Go on a Cruise
  • See at least two of our National Parks
  • Visit at least two of the Seven World Wonders
  • Hot-Air Balloon ride at sunset
  • Ride a Motorcycle
  • Water-ski
  • Go to a Waterfall
  • Rock Climb at UMD
  • Climb to the top of BYRD Stadium and admire the alleged view of the Capitol. 
  • Take a cooking class
  • Learn Photography 
  • Scrapbook
  • Attend the Super Bowl
  • Learn to Surf
  • Have a Romantic, Candle-lit Dinner

Life Goals 
  • Live by the Ocean
  • Read at least two of Jane Austen's 7 novels (one down.) 
  • Write and Publish a collection of short stories/ a book. 
  • Run a 10K 
  • Ride in a Bike Tour
  • Go on a Service Trip
  • Be completely happy with my body
  • Buy my own car
  • Learn to Drive Stick-Shift
  • Be Kissed in the Rain
  • Have my DREAM wedding
  • Build my Dream Home
  • Have 3 kids
  • Go a month without TV
  • Own a Vacation Home
  • Own a Boat
  • Be a Grandmother, and spoil my grandkids!
  • Travel to Greece, Spain and Italy
  • Travel to Morocco, Portugal and South America. 
  • Eat Vegetarian for 30 Days. 
  • Adopt a pet from a shelter
  • Grow Old With Someone
  • Live my life by my rules

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