Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lazy Day Confessional

It was raining when I woke up this morning. 

Now the grey skies have surrendered to partially sunny ones, but I'm mentally still in a rainy day.  I anticipated gloominess for today late last night, and accepted the fact that I wouldn't be driving to the beach. I decided I would be productive for the first half of my morning - get my oil changed, pack for school, go shopping, etc. - and then rent a movie to watch on the couch with my sister, a lifeguard who would be off from work due to inclement weather.

Well. Around 10:45 the sun came out and ruined all of my lazy plans.  At 11:00 I agreed to bring my sister to work and at 12:00 my mom, as my car was left at the dealership and I had to borrow Mom's. By 12:05 the sun was shining strongly and the few rays my arms absorbed through the sunroof just wasn't enough. I yearned for the beach. Actually, the beach called to me. I could feel it. 

At 12:06 I had to make a very mature choice. I decided it was border-line too late to get my bathing suit and drive DTS; my time would be better spent being productive at home. Plus, I had no convertible to drive.

Well. Here I am, depressed because the sun is teasing me through the window panes while the rain left me with scars of lethargy; hence here I lay on my couch watching Country Music Videos feeling sorry for myself.  I fear for the well-being of my tan (only three days until I return to MD) yet can't stop watching Josh Turner on my TV Screen.  

For your entertainment, the most perfect male specimen to ever walk this earth:

If I can ever stop watching my new Hunky Southern Obsession I am going to pack and go to the gym before I have to pick my sister up.  Or I'll nap. 

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Snoopy's Sweetheart said...

Mmm. Josh Turner. Sexiness personified.

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