Thursday, August 4, 2011

Times, they are a changin'

I was cursed with an ever-fluctuating body mass. I understand most females battle with weight/body image at some point or another, and I predict it's something I will be personally struggling with for a very long time. 

I always gain weight in the fall and winter, but I typically lose some of it in the summer. Typically.  Last summer I lost a lot of weight in Spain, walking everywhere and eating differently.  This summer I seem to be holding on to every last pound of weight I gained during the cold season.  It's miserable.

I love working out, but unfortunately, I love food even more. I am conscious of nutrition but sometimes I don't care how many calories are in a waffle cone of Nutella soft serve. Can you blame me?

I realize this is the issue for most normal human beings and I am not alone. And the more I work with children the more pressure I feel to be health-food savvy. Seriously.  It probably wasn't until freshman year of high school that I started "reading labels."  Today I eavesdropped on a ten minute conversation between two six year-olds about the nutritional value in their lunchboxes.

Smarty Pants:"That granola bar looks yummy. Can I read your nutrition facts?"

Elvis: "Sure, it's right here."

Smarty Pants: "Thanks I'm just wondering how much fatty stuff is in it."

Elvis: "Oh ok are you looking for trans-fat? 'Cause that's right here. There's zero. But regular fat is right here if you wanna know that too."

Or how about this one:

Little guy: I LOVE McDonalds!!!!! (as he eats his fruit and yogurt salad.)

Cool Dude: *scouring* McDonalds is only a special treat. You can NOT have it all the time.

Little Guy retreats with his head down in shame and/or fear.

Damn kids and their healthy habits. Eat a poptart or something, will ya? Leave the trans-fat talk to the adults - you have the rest of your life to deal with it. Just ask Ms. Alensis.

PS- anyone that wants to motivate me to eat healthy for the rest of the summer, leave your application in my comment box. I'm serious. There's less than a month left of the summer and I'm well under my seasonal weight-loss goal. Please and Thanks.

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Ashley said...

Goodness me... Tell those kids to eat whatever they want while they still can! Who knows what a nutrition label is at age six anyway??

Btw, explain how you look fab even without meeting your goal? You just taught a spin class crazy girl! Keep doin your thing, beauty! Xoxo

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