Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Been Awhile

As of late I have been extremely busy, only to be getting worse as the semester goes on. I'm struggling to find time to blog about anything substantial, so I thought I would revisit Roots and Rings for a 10 on Tuesday post for old times sake.  These posts are fun and easy and I'm not sure if anyone really cares at all, but at least I don't feel so bad about not posting for over 5 days!  So enjoy your Tuesday, and enjoy reading about my produce preferences in this week's set of 10 questions ;)

I'll return soon with updates and substance. Happy Last Day of January! (eeek)

1. What’s your variety of apple?
Pink Lady. Hands down.  I am an apple connoisseur, but this is the Queen of all apples. PInk, crisp, sweet, delicious, and expensive. They are practically dessert, I just wish I could afford them year round!

2. Do you prefer Long-English or Field cucumbers?
Those long-english guys freak me out. 

3. Tomatoes – Delicious or disgusting?

4. What’s one fruit or vegetable that you can’t stand and why is that?
My least favorite fruit/vegetable (I'm still not exactly sure what they are classified as with that pit in there...) are olives. YUCK YUCK YUCK. I don't know why, just can't stand them.  I think they are one of those things that you either absolutely love or absolutely detest. Detest, I do. 

5. What’s your favourite way to prepare veggies? (Grilled, boiled, roasted, sautéed, etc.)
Mmmm I loved grilled veggies. My favorite summer meal. 

6. Sweet potato pie: Love it or hate it?
There is nothing not to love about sweet potato pie. 

7. What’s your favourite “style” of French fry? Wedges, shoelace, curly, crinkle-cut or other?
Love me some waffle fries!

8. What’s your favourite fruit-pie filling?
Apple :)

9. When you were a kid did your parents make you sit at the table until all your veggies were eaten off your plate?
No, but my mom tried to enforce the "eat three bites of everything on your plate" rule before we could leave.  My grandfather instilled that one upon her, and although I absolutely hated having to try everything three times even, I will probably torture my children at the dinner table the same way.

10. Do you drink veggie & fruit juice blends (such as V8, etc.) or make them yourself?
I love the Naked drinks! Green Machine is awesome, but has way too much sugar than necessary.  I really want to make my own green juice but I don't think I have a strong enough blender for like, an entire head of lettuce.  One day... 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Arbitrary Friday Announcements

Yesterday, an unfortunately ill bird decided the entire hood of my car was a good place to get disgustingly sick. Apparently. 
It's days like this that I really miss living in the same town as Loverboy; he would have that car of mine shining like new in no time. 

In other news, it's Friday. The first of many long weeks of the semester was mildly boring at best, yet exhausting nonetheless. I am not especially looking forward to next week, when the work load piles itself upon my already busy schedule. However, tonight I plan on celebrating a very happy hour with my girlfriends to catch up on the life I've missed out on since Student Teaching began.  

Tomorrow, I have to drive back up to Jersey, but I'm not complaining.  I am going bridesmaids dress shopping with my future cousin, followed by dinner with C (fingers crossed) and C's sister's engagement party on Sunday. 

I've been driving the beau a little crazy the past two days with my indecisiveness and constant interrogating about his weekend plans  (consequently, mine). I annoy myself with how much I obsess over scheduling and minor details...I can only imagine how much I frustrate a boy as laid back as C. And you know what? He still likes me.  And I like that. 

Thanks boo xoxo 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK...

It's OK...

Its Ok Thursdays

... to have every intention of waking up extra early to workout, yet still set a second alarm knowing that you will never actually wake up at 5:00 AM before a full day of school. 

... to always grab two plastic forks when you go out to eat. You know... so just in case you drop your fork while eating your Chipotle salad, you don't have to get up.  

... to lay your clothes out the night before like you used to do in grade school. Hey, before the sunrise I'll take any shortcut I can get! 

... to cheer for the Terps from the couch.  Wish I could have been at the game last night, but screaming at the television set had to suffice. The players could probably hear me anyway, though.  #beatDUKE

... to unsecure (<--is that a word?) your tweets right before tweeting at a celebrity in hopes they retweet you. 

... to be unsure of a negative prefix for "secure." De-secure? Make un-private? Unlock?  Remove security? This is going to bug me.  

... if "retweet" is considered a word, I deem "unsecure" acceptable as well. 

... speaking of prefixes, it is totally OK to be over the moon ecstatic when, in the middle of a vocabulary lesson about affixes, a student discovers, "Hey, Ms. Y, I just can't believe prefix has a prefix! How weird is that." 
Just love it when my students pay attention to the lesson! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last First Day


Today is my last first day of college, ever. (As an undergraduate, at least.)
I'm freaking out a little.
I'm not ready to be in school mode again. My winter break has been entirely too relaxing.

I'm also not ready for my life as an undergrad Terrapin to be over. But I'll hold off on that freak-out until May because Lord knows that will be an emotional post. 

Wanna see a dorky picture from my first day as an undergrad Terp?
That's my first college roomie ever, as well as current roomie(!), on our first day of college at our Scholar's Program's orientation. Eep. 

And here was my first desk ever, in the dorm room Katlyn and I shared freshman year. 
I don't know...I'm feeling nostalgic. 

Now the desk I use most is a "teacher" desk filled with hard candies and papers to grade.

Happy First Day back to all my fellow future Terp Teachers! 
And Happy Tuesday to everyone else :)

Wish me lots of luck and energy...I'll be needing it this week.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rewinding the Weekend

Thanks to my ditzy sister who doesn't yet quite understand how to use her Kindle Fire (love ya Sar!), two DVDs including Bridesmaids and Crazy Stupid Love, were unexpectedly delivered to my home on Thursday.  I already watched (and reviewed) Bridesmaids, but I was excited to bring Crazy Stupid Love to Loverboy's this weekend, with every intention to review it today. Unfortunately, after about 28 minutes into the film, we both fell asleep. Hopefully I'll finish it soon...

Mind you, we didn't fall asleep because it was incredibly boring.  We were just incredibly exhausted from the weekend's events. 

It snowed in Jersey this weekend, so on Saturday we woke up to a blinding white reflection through the window. That morning I also had plans to meet with my realtor to sign the lease for my beach house for the summer(!!!); there was no way I was letting the snow stop me from getting that accomplished. (Big thanks to C and his SUV for getting me to Belmar. What would I do without that boy?)  Meet my summer 2012 residence:

The snow, however, did prevent me from moving back to school on Saturday. I had to wait until Sunday afternoon for the ice to melt to get my silly rear-wheel drive sports car out of the driveway. I hate the snow, but glad that it earned me an extra day lazing around with Loverboy ;)  

Finally, am back in College Park for my final semester and I have a lot of unpacking to look forward to:

I surprise myself with how much stuff I haul back and forth. I am a chronic over-packer. It is an issue.

And most importantly, the weekend ended on a high note because THE GIANTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! Needless to say, I am very excited for a repeat of Superbowl XLII :) :) :) 

Happy Monday, everyone (even those non-Giants fans)! 
Wish me luck on my first last week back at school. AHHH. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Shoes with a Vengeance

A question I will never cease to ask myself is this: How can a shoe look so damn good, but hurt so bad? 

Meet my shoes with a vengeance:


I swear, last year when I went on a sparkly pump shopping spree, I did not intend to violently abuse my innocent feet.

I remember the day vividly.  It was just a few days before New Year's Eve and I dragged Loverboy to the mall in search for the perfect shoe to compliment my black sequin mini dress. After many strolls through nearly all the stores in Menlo Park, C and I were able to narrow the chaos that is Macy's shoe department down to two equally sparkly pairs of pumps. As with most minor crises in my life, I could not decide between the sexy silver peep toe pumps that would match my NYE dress perfectly, or the fabulous bronzed pumps that would not necessarily compliment my dress but would obviously be a weekend staple. Ugh. Shopping can be so stressful ...

As always, Loverboy came to the rescue. "Just get both." Before I could even react, he plucked the bronze shoe off my left foot and the silver shoe off my right foot and stomped over to the register. [He bought my shoes for me that day. Did I ever mention I love that boy?]

Well, I have worn the gold pair a total of two times. The first for a date during which I sat most of the time, and the second for a friend's birthday party that left my toe nail severely bruised and consequently six months of dark pedicures. 

The second pair I have worn three times.  The third time being last week in Atlantic City, and I am still suffering.
What did I do to these shoes the first two times that made them so furiously upset with me that they had to seek brutal vengeance against my feet? It has been 8 days since I wore them and I am still in pain. 

I guess I am also to blame, because I stay true to my motto that a lady never takes off her shoes. (In public, of course.) I wholeheartedly believe that the perfect pair of shoes completes an outfit; as soon as that shoe comes off on the dance floor, your outfit falls apart. Keep it classy, keep your shoes on ;) 

Like most of my beliefs, this one bit me in the butt last week as I am still donning Bandaids and cushiony socks to protect myself from the pain of evil shoes.  

Alas, the pain is dwindling and eventually my feet will be back to normal and I will have forgotten the abuse the beautiful four inches of sparkle avenged me with. It is far too easy for me to forgive a pair of pumps. I know I cannot be the only one.   

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's OK...

It's that time again:

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

... to rush home from wherever you are at 8:45 to be home promptly at 9:00 for the start of Modern Family. It is only a half hour of comedy, it would be criminal to miss a second of it. 

... to be completely aware that school is starting in less than four days, yet completely unmotivated to get anything ready. 

... that I can't wait to see my roommates but am dreading the work the semester will bring.  

... to miss my boyfriend after just two days. Pathetic? Maybe. But I'll admit it.  

... to really, really want a spray tan. I'm staying strong to resolve to stay awayyyyy from the tanning bed, but feeling a little too pale for my liking.  Still can't bring myself to pay the $30/spray, though.  Any suggestions?

... to lug your laptop and charger all the way to Barnes and Noble, and then find that there is no outlet in sight.  It is also ok to enjoy a latte while forgoing the work you had planned to do. 

Happy Thursday, loves!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tag, you're it.

The lovely Sarah @ Simply Sarah tagged me in one of these fun getting-to-know-you posts circulating around the blog world.  Basically, you follow the rules to the Blogger game and pass them along to eleven other fab bloggie friends.  Sarah had perfect timing in tagging me because I've had some writers block for which I have no motivation to cure. Thanks Sarah!! 

The Blogger Game Rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

My 11 "Fun" Facts:

1. I share my first name with both of my grandmothers. I was named "Margaret" by default, "Maggie" because my momma is a kind woman.   ;) 

2. I never, ever, go anywhere without my water bottle. I drink more than a camel. My mom told me that when I move back home after school she is making me pay the Poland Spring bill because she refuses to continue to order extra shipments for me to drain out our water cooler. Sorry, Mom! A girls gotta stay hydrated! 

3. I am a born and raised Jersey Girl, temporarily misplaced in Maryland in attempts to seek out a BS in Elementary Education. I plan on returning to NJ after I graduate to teach, but I am open to relocating outside the beautiful state of Jersey if, and only if, I am in walking distance to a beach.  

4. I love food. Except for mushrooms and olives. And most things white. 

5. Thankfully, I also love working out. I teach group fitness classes at the campus gym and am recently Les Mills BodyPump certified! 

6. I truly believe that a good turkey sandwich can cure even the most wicked of hangovers.

7. I began college as an English major, and although it is now only my area of concentration, I am still passionate about literature, writing, and of course, grammar. 

8. If I wasn't so passionate about becoming a teacher, I would go to law school. 

9. I spent one summer in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain and now often dream of a glamorous life relaxing, traveling, and shopping in a foreign city. Subsequently, "House Hunters International" on HGTV is a guilty pleasure of mine. I sometimes wish I had the courage and free spirit to relocate, or at least travel for longer than a summer.  

10. It takes a conscious effort for me to bite my tongue and not say "sparkles" when someone asks me my favorite color. My boyfriend tells me I sometimes have the mindset of a four year old...

11. It is my current mission to find and rent a beach house down the shore this summer. I must succeed. 

Now that I have rambled on about facts I thought to be "fun," it's time for Sarah to ask the questions! Here goes nothing... 

1. If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid, where would it be?
Anywhere that has hot, hot sun and low humidity. An island in the mediterranean perhaps? Although, right now I'd be happy if someone would just fund my house down the shore and my weekends at DJais. Please??

2. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Lay on the beach and get my tan on.
In the winter, I love spending as much time as I can on the gym only to come home and read the rest of the day away. 

3. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging a month before I left for my study abroad trip to Spain. I wanted a way to keep my friends and family in the know about my travels.  I am so, so happy I decided to start my first blog, Mezcla del Dia, because not only did I document the most exciting moments of the best trip of my life, but I also found a love for blogging. When I returned, I started this blog to continue keeping my family in the know about my college adventures, and simply to have a creative outlet for my writing.

4. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, one sister. She is 18 months younger than me and we are different in almost every way. I have to admit, we have a very similar strange sense of humor and I'm starting to realize we balance each other out quite nicely. She drives me crazy, but I love her, and she's gonna love a shout out on the blog.  Hey Sar!

5. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Oh my gosh. I feel like I've had many, but nothing sticks out as the most embarrassing.  I do remember the first time I brought Loverboy to the beach with my family, and I tried to act really cool by being the first one to hit the waves for tubing and body surfing.  You know, running down the hill into the water, feigning bravado, all fearless and Baywatch-esque.  Welp. The first wave crashed so hard and so high that it completely wiped me out, dragging me about 20 feet ashore, leaving my bathing suit bottoms halfway down my behind and my top performing a serious Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. My cousins and C LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED before they finally came to see if I was ok.  My ego was hurt more than anything, thank goodness, but I definitely hesitated a little more and held on to my bathing suit a little tighter before I went out again.

6. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. (Vanilla is white, I don't do white food, remember ;) )

7. What's your favorite genre of music?
I love everything. Most frequently I listen to country.

8. Have you been to any concerts - if so which was your favorite? If not, who would you like to see?
I have been to many, many concerts.  My favorites would have to be a four-way tie between Aerosmith and Kiss at MSG, Bruce Springsteen at the closing of Giants Stadium, Rascal Flatts ANYWHERE, and ACDC at the old Giants Stadium.

9. Who is your favorite author?
This is a toughie.  My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird, but does the fact that Harper Lee only published this one book disqualify her?  Hm. I loved everything that Dan Brown wrote. Maybe Roald Dahl?

10. What is one beauty product you can't live without?
Only one? Bronzer!!

11. Where is your favorite place to shop?
Nordstrom :) 

 I'm tagging:
3. AshleyHeart of Life
6. Laura @ Life of Lu
7. Emily @ Life of Emily
10. Meghan @ Shine On

Here are my 11 questions for you lovely ladies:
1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
2. Who is your celebrity crush?
3. What is your favorite city/place in the world?
4. If you could tell us a time where you helped a stranger the most, when was it?
5. If you could have only one magazine subscription for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
6. What is your biggest fear?
7. What is your guilty pleasure? 
8. Can you recall your favorite childhood memory?
9. Facebook or Twitter?
10. What is your biggest pet peeve?
11. How would you sum yourself up in three words or less?

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! Luckily for me, I was tagged during winter break when I had little to nothing to accomplish ;) Good luck!! xoxo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Review Monday: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

A few months ago I read the first of The Girl trilogy by Stieg Larsson.  Naturally, when I heard an American version of the book-turned Swedish independent film was coming to theaters, I knew I had to see it.  

C was a little hard to persuade to go see this one, but once I convinced him it was an action packed murder mystery and not a chick flick, he agreed to take me.  

There are only two words that come to mind when recalling this movie: wild and twisted.  If you read the novel, this should come as no surprise.  The film stayed very true to the plot of the book; two hours and forty minutes of intricate family interconnections, unforeseen brutality, sex, and nail-biting suspense.  

Rooney Mara played the story's leading female role, a sullen 24-year old living as a ward of the state, Lisbeth Salander. She perfectly captured the loneliness of the genius computer hacker character, while still radiating a sense of humanity behind her thick black eye makeup and tattooed body.   It is no lie that this movie would not be as effective without the pure brilliance Mara displayed in taking on the role of Lisbeth Salander.  

David Craig played Millennium magazine journalist, Mikael Blomkvist.  His image is exactly what I pictured while reading the book: handsome, scruffy, and aged with the stressors of being an anti-corporate journalist.  I am glad that the movie didn't Hollywood-ize him in the sense that it was hard to truly like Mikael Blomkvist in the book, and the movie was no different.  I will say that his character was somewhat underdeveloped in the movie version, as was his relationship with Salander.

Like the novel, the movie was initially hard to follow at the beginning and I almost felt bad for anyone sitting in the theater who had not read the book.  The complicated web of Swedish names and places was difficult to keep track of even with a family tree and prologue prefacing the book; with nothing to look back at while sitting in the theater I can imagine the setting might have remained confusing up until the first hour or so of the film.  

When I looked over at Loverboy to read his reaction at the end of the movie, his eyes were wide before he turned to me and simply stated, "We need to talk." Ha! He really enjoyed the movie, but because of course he never read the story, I had to explain a lot of details that the movie attempted to elucidate through facial expressions and insinuations via filmography.  For a film that was nearly three hours long, the ratio of suspenseful music to dialogue was surprisingly disproportionate.  Perhaps if there was more dialogue the plot would be easier to comprehend for those first being introduced to it.  

Overall, I was pleased with the movie.  I had forgotten how grotesque and graphic the story was and I was anxiously grabbing at the upper arm of my date in anticipation of the brutality. (Sorry, C.)  I knew exactly what was going to happen next, but even so, I was more than entertained.  I wasn't expecting the film to be so true to the novel because of it's length, but ultimately I am glad that it did.  

For those of you who are antsy in long movies or prone to nightmares, I recommend waiting to see this one until it comes out on DVD. And for those of you who have not yet read the book, do yourself a favor and read it prior to paying the $11 for a movie ticket.  You will thank yourself later.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Nothingness of Winter Break

So, today is Friday. The fourth Friday of my fourth winter break as a college student. Also, the second to last Friday of my very last college winter break, ever.  It's also Friday the 13th, which means nothing in comparison to the threats of impending reality the end of break has brought upon me.  

Since the end of break is upon us --even more so for all of my non-UMD friends...C is already back at school :( :(  -- it has finally hit me that never again will I have a complete five week period of time in which I have little-to-no responsibilities and/or time to perpetually relax.  

Believe it or not, this the first of my winter breaks where I feel I have taken advantage of the freedom of nothingess. One of my winter breaks was spent working a 9-5 office job, one was spent juggling two babysitting jobs and endless "necessary" errands, and last year's was spent working slave hours substituting at a private school for less than minimum wage.  
This year I had every intention of getting a job, but eventually realized that working my weeks away maybe, possibly, wasn't worth the lack of rest prior to my last semester full-time student teaching.  Instead, I spent my days leisurely and almost without agenda.  
If you know me personally, my last statement has certainly shocked you.  I typically lead my days according to a schedule; squeezing in an early morning work out, running around between two or three jobs, and taking on neglected errands - all in a completely methodical, planned out manner.  

A typical day during this winter break, you ask?
- I wake up at my leisure (albeit still much earlier than most of my peers)
- Go to the gym for 1.5-2 hours
- Shower 
- Read 
- Make a Smoothie
... and that is where my schedule ends. Because after I consume my afternoon smoothie I become the most indecisive human in America and sit around trying to decide what to do next.  Usually nothing. 

I did have time to do some memorable things, however. Which were awesomely fun and only able to be done because of my laziness unemployment.
Last week I drove to Northern MD to celebrate my girlfriend Ashley's 22nd birthday.

And onn Wednesday I took a road trip to Atlantic City!  No, I do not gamble. Didn't even touch a machine. But I do enjoy a night dancing the night away with my best friends in an atmosphere that makes it socially acceptable, and expected, to wear as many sparkles as I can adorn.  

Celeb Status?! 

Don't let this one fool you.... he loves me. He's just bitter about losing all his money on the Roulette table ;)

Tonight I'm going out with the girls after a day of doing...well...nothing. And tomorrow I don't really have any plans either.  But I'm kind of okay with it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Word of the Day Wednesday: Ridiculous

Ridiculous [ri-dik-yuh-luhs] -adj.:
causing or worth of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable.

Happy Wednesday, loves. Today the school teacher in me is coming out once again, this time in spelling bee form. Grammar mistakes are easy to make, and spelling errors are just as common.  However, with today's technology it is very simple to correct spelling errors: highlight the word underlined with a red squiggly line, click, and modify. Easy, right? Then WHY oh WHY am I STILL seeing the word "ridiculous" spelled with an "e"??? Am I among a miniscule population that actually spell checks?!

Then again, maybe technology is to blame. I am confident that the auto-correct generation (ahem, my sixth graders) have fallen behind in spelling because of the technology they were raised on that mindlessly corrects errors.  With that being said, I will forgive the handwritten misspelling of "ridiculous," but for those of you who frequently use the word in tweets and status updates, please remember to use your spell check. Or even better, remember that "I" am rIdiculous, and just learn the spelling.

If you are one of the many who commonly misspells this adjective, please do not take offense. Look at this post as a  friendly reminder that I am a crazy person a little spell check goes a long way.

Now that my rant is over (I promised my sister I would lay off correcting people's grammar mistakes, a resolution I will attempt after this post) I am going to pack my bags and leave for Atlantic City for the night!
I'll be back on Friday with a recap of the night's ridiculous events.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newbie to Birchbox

Among other things this Christmas, my very first Birchbox subscription was gifted to me and I will shamelessly admit that I was overjoyed at the sight of the perfectly pink letters centered on that small cardboard box.  

My aunt had overheard me explaining the concept of Birchbox to someone one day, and although I never blatantly said I wanted my own subscription, she knew it would be something her girliest niece would appreciate.
So, on Christmas Eve I screamed in excitement and opened my box to find:

1. Ahava Mineral Body Lotion in Water
2. Kate Spade eau de parfum in Twirl
3. Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment
4. Blinc eyeliner
5. Alex and Isabelle Classic Hair Tie 

My favorite item was absolutely the mineral body lotion. The cream was thick but not greasy at all, and the scent was crisp and fresh without being too strong. The sample size is already depleted, and I am seriously considering ordering a retail size bottle, but I might wait until my next box comes in to see if there is anything comparable.
Next in line for favorite was the hair oil. LOVED how soft it made my hair.  Too bad it leaked all over the box after two days of using it. =[  I will be praying to the Birchbox Gods to send me some more hair treatment! 

The eyeliner is wonderful, too. It comes out liquid, which is perfect for lining the upper eye lid, and has the easiest applicator I have ever used.  Every line comes out perfectly straight and what is even better, is that you literally cannot smudge it.  Once it dries it is like ink that no water, tears, nor rain can erase. I loved the longevity of the eyeliner because a lot of times by the end of a night out my black eye make up is so faint it becomes almost unnoticeable.  However, I very rarely wear black eyeliner on the upper eyelid, so there is still some product left in the sample size.  Definitely not an every day necessity for me.

Twirl smells fabulous. But I noticed that if I put more than a spritz on it gives me a headache. Bummer. 

Overall, I was very pleased with my first box of a six month subscription to Birchbox :) I cannot wait to see what January has in store for me! 

Does anyone else subscribe?  Think it's worth it?

Once I heard about the company, I really wanted to try it out. I ultimately decided against ordering a subscription considering $10 a month can be spent on more necessary items in the poor-college-girl lifestyle I lead.  Thank goodness for having such a thoughtful aunt to know just the right gift for me ;) 
 If you need a gift for one of the ladies in your life, I think this is the perfect one! My gift is for 6 months, but I know my cousin got one for 3 months, so you can choose the duration of the subscription to match your price. So awesome. 
Thanks Aunt Doe!!! XOXO

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's OK in 2012

What would the first Thursday of the new year be without a proclamation of all things that are questionably "OK" in my life as of right now?

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ... 

... that I said I wasn't going to blog meaningless posts, yet today here I am. I haven't participated in a LinkUp since last year (ha.) Totally OK. 

... that it is 2pm and I am sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee and blogging. What else is an unemployed college student on winter break supposed to do? 

... to cancel a hair appointment at the last minute because a two hour session at the gym was completely necessary.  

... that Christmas cookies are still occupying the table. For some reason I can't bring myself to throw them out yet.

... that my new Kindle Fire comes with me everywhere. #NerdAlert

... to love everything about the Kindle, except for the fact that it tells me how much of the book I have completed.  I hate knowing that I am 91% finished reading the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  Is there even life after Katniss?! 

... that the only thing I am completely sure of is my indecisiveness. I am so unmotivated to make decisions this winter break, that deciding whether or not I would go to the mall yesterday was so exhausting that a nap ensued. Consequently, I did not go to the mall.  

... that it is my bff Ashley's bday today but she is in MD, and I am in NJ. To go to MD or not to go to MD...that is the question.  

Happy Birthday, Ash! 
and Happy Thursday, loves. 

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