Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ever heard of Caillou?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Caillou is a cartoon aimed at a preschool audience, based off illustrations from a series of children's books. The day-to-day scenarios Caillou encounters are supposed to resonate with the average 2 to 5 year old. The show is simple, minimal, and painfully boring if you are not aged 2 to 5.
This is Caillou. He is Canadian, curious, adventurous, and bald.  I think he is supposed to represent all children; a cartoon child encompassing all preschoolers far and wide. But if you ask the boy I babysit (a six year old forced to watch the series by his barely 3 year old sister) why Caillou is bald, you might get an interesting answer.

K: Why is he bald?
Me: Hm good question...I'm not really sure.
K: He probably has terminal cancer. 

...uhhhhmmm... maybe???? I swear kids these days know too much for their own good. 

... 3 grueling minutes later ...
K: Did you hear that? The dad said he looked growned up. No he doesn't. He's just bald. 

If you ever have to suffer through watch Caillou, I highly recommend watching it with K and his Caillou-obsessed sister. It makes the banal episodes less painful.  

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