Monday, August 8, 2011

Movie Review Monday - The Lincoln Lawyer

I started watching 'The Lincoln Lawyer' a couple weeks ago when C and his roommate joined me at my favorite Redbox for a late-night flick.  We all agreed upon this Matthew McConaughey movie easily, we heard great reviews and not to mention Matt happens to be C's man crush (and my real crush).  Unfortunately, I had to go to sleep half way through the thriller due to an early-set alarm for work. Yesterday, I decided to re-rent the movie to enjoy on a lazy Sunday with Mom and Dad :) 

McConaughey didn't take his shirt off in this movie, but he did earn himself some kudos in the acting world with a serious role opposite a not-so Kate Hudson look alike (Marisa Tomei). His character, Mick Haller, is a divorced, second generation defense lawyer, very street-wise with a smart-ass edge. He is supported by his ex-wife (Tomei), a prosecutor, his cheuffer, and right-hand man (William H. Macy). 

The movie could have ended a couple times, but didn't, as it followed quite a few unexpected twists and turns. Just when Haller thinks he lands an easy, well-paying job with a wealthy pretty-boy bachelor client being tried for murder (Ryan Phillipe), additional murders and hidden facts turn the typical court-house movie into an action-packed thriller. 

It's funny, witty, suspenseful, semi-romantic and action-packed. What more could you ask for in a movie? I'm not saying it's the most brilliantly written movie since The Departed or anything like that, but I'd still give it a 4 out of 5 stars.  The cast was perfect (I loved that Trace Adkins made multiple appearances as hard-ass motorcycle dude) and I caught myself screaming out to the TV screen on more than one occassion.  My dad even stayed up for the entire 118 minutes! Now that's sayin somethin.  

Now go watch! 

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