Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday - a preface to Spring Break.

On this Thursday before my spring break from elementary school officially begins,  I proclaim that it is absolutely OK that I did not plan a single lesson last night.  It is OK that I came home from class, made dinner, and sat in front of the television watching American Idol with a glass of wine instead of doing anything even moderately productive.  Typically, this is not OK. However, today my students have their 3rd art class of the year for an hour this morning, followed by a half an hour of P.E., followed by another hour of  a “Sock Hop” (their quarterly school-wide book log event), finally to be followed by lunch, recess, and an Easter craft before dismissal.  Life is good in sixth grade today.

It is also OK that as a student teacher, I didn’t have spring break with the rest of the University. Initially I thought this was the opposite of OK.  I thought that I would be depressed and lonely and bored for the entirety of the seven days that the rest of campus was partying and sunning in Punta Cana.  Much to my surprise, it was peaceful and productive on campus while everyone else was off participating in college recess debauchery.  Now, I have a full ten days off before Easter and I could not be more ready for it.  E-town, New Jersey may not be as thrilling or warm as Mexico but I am excited to relax nonetheless. 

Another reason it is OK that I didn’t go on spring break yet? I had two people in the past two weeks ask me where I went for spring break because my I "look tan."  To these people I responded with pleasure that I indeed stayed in sunny College Park.  To myself, I silently thanked Mother Nature for unseasonably warm March weather during which I was able to drive with my top down and run for miles outside.  Let’s just hope the weather holds out this afternoon for a three and a half hour drive in the convertible and another opportunity at bronzing!

Additionally, it is OK that last week I discovered that my life is very heavily dependent on peanut butter.  If Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter wasn’t single handedly keeping me alive in my state of poor college girl status, it would be a majorly unhealthy and border-line dangerous addiction.   

One last thing. It's questionable whether or not it was OK that during a game of "two truths and a lie," one of my students admitted, "My mom's name is Julisa, I like violence and cheese, and I hate hexagons." I'm not entirely sure which is the lie. Also, I'm debating how much concern to express.  

Coming to you from College Park, wishing I was in Savannah like this time last year, Happy Spring Break, Ya'll. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sh*t Sixth Graders Say...

Girl: Ms. Y, St. Patrick is a real person?
Me: Yes, St. Patrick is a saint, we celebrate him on March 17th.
Girl: Oh I always just thought he was a Leper.
Girl: Is the Surgeon General Real?
Boy: No, dumby. It's a commercial.

Girl: I'm tired. 
Me: Why are you so tired?
Girl: Because I had lotsa dreams last night. And when you dream you watch them and you don't sleep. It's like TV. But scarier. 
Girl: He's white like Michael Jackson, except Michael Jackson Cloroxed his skin.
Boy:  I can't believe you just said that. Michael Jackson had a disease and that's why he looked like that.
(During a game to review historical females for Women's History Month:)
Teacher: This woman was the first female African-American Secretary of State.
Girl: CoCo Chanel! 

And this is why I come home every day overly exhausted yet questionably happy. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love March 20th

... and not just for the free Rita's.  

Spring was always my favorite season (until I got to high school and could drive myself to the beach). I'll tell you why.

1. New wardrobes. I already have plans with mamabear to go J.Crew outlet shopping over Easter break ;)
2. Spring cleaning. ..But seriously.  I loved spending my Saturday morning/afternoon scrubbing the kitchen and vacuuming the floors with the windows open and sun shining.  It feels awesome starting fresh this time of year.
3. Recess duty is significantly more pleasant.
4. Summer is right around the corner. Tan lines are on the horizon!! 

5. Spring Break, even if the University is currently on break and I have to wait an extra two weeks until Public School Spring break. I actually kind of like being on an uninhabited's unusually peaceful. Plus, the gym is empty and I don't hate it.
The Girls and me during last year's (ON TIME) Spring Break.
6. My beautiful campus is most beautiful this time of year.

5. Diets. Spring is the perfect reminder that my New Year's Resolutions have faded and I need to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon.  Seriously.

This is why today, I made myself run 2.5 miles to Rita's for my free mango ice.  The sun was shining, even at 5:45 on my way back to the apartment, and I think I may have achieved some early spring color :)   Guilt-free,  I took the short cut back home. 

Happy, happy spring!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've been slightly missing in action lately, and for that I apologize.  Sixth grade is in full gear and there's no time for slowing down. 

However, I have found some time to do some blog-worthy things, and luckily I found about 2 minutes to actually blog about them.  Without further adieu, here is a collection of my most recent happenings:

Aunt Doe gets married! My family and I were ecstatic to see the youngest of my mom's sisters get married last week.  

Mr. and Mrs. 
The Sisterhood
The Bride and her nieces :)

 I celebrated Loverboy's 22nd birthday. 
His traditional over-sized handmade card (and a present hidden back there too) 
Me and the one that I adore :)

A sixth grader made me a beautiful drawing at the end of the week.  

Boy:"Ms Y this is for you. Hatars love 'em. Peace."
Me: Oh! Well, thank you .. uh, it's beautiful!

I contributed to "raisin" test scores during a week of standardized testing at Hollywood ;)
(I can't wait for round two to be over this week!)

My week has been long, but far from boring.  I am excited for the week ahead as it brings me closer to our Public School Spring break in less than THIRTEEN DAYS!!! But who's counting?

Happy week xo 

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's that time of the year...

... State testing time.  

"MSA let's go
We'll show you what we know, 
We always do our best,
We'll show you on the test!
We're awesome, amazing,
We're great at paraphrasing!
Hollywood can't be beat we'll knock you off your feet!

Just a little cheer my students learned to get them "pumped" for the state wide standardized test.  Woot woot! Who's excited for 3 hours of testing a day in a windowless room?!!

Happy Test Taking. 

Photo Courtesy of my female Hollywooders.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's OK...

It's OK...

… that I’m not home to celebrate Loverboy’s birthday today.  It’s almost Friday and that means as soon as the dismissal bell rings I will be on my way to NJ to spoil the boy who spoils me all the other 364 days of the year. 

… that it doesn’t feel like 5 whole years ago I was reserving “shotgun” of C’s brand new car on his 17th birthday.  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

… that I have not opened my school bag at home even once this week. My laptop has remained closed and I haven’t even looked at my planner past 3:15pm.  For the past three days. It’s one of those weeks so much is getting on during the day that I just want to leave work behind.

… to admit to drinking, um, a lot of glasses of wine this past Monday night.

… that a late night Bananagrams game with my roomies ensued from said wine drinking.  All on a school night! Watch out guys, Ms. Alensis is gettin’ wild. 

… that I have been writing checks to my friends for them to cash for me because I lost my bank  card on a grimy bar floor.  2 weeks ago. This issue needs to be solved, like, yesterday.    

… that I’m not writing a sappy post to Loverboy, because I did that last year (here). And I’m sure a lot of my readers are sick of it. However, I will not contain my excitement for seeing him this weekend! It’s been four weeks and I miss my old (22 year old!) man.

So. Happy Thursday, loves. And happy birthday, Christopher.  I hope you feel as loved and celebrated as I have felt since we were 17. 

Monday, March 5, 2012


Exiting the classroom for recess today, one of my students threw up his 'twos' and casually announced to the class, "deuces," as he usually does. 

"Deuces. That means goodbye in Italian."

No it doesn't. Not at all.  Thanks, though, Ms. Sixth Grader... for the Italian lesson, that is. 
I'll be sure to come to you for any further assistance I'll be needing in middle school lingo. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Month of Nutrition

I think that typically, March conjures up immediate thoughts of all things green and/or Dr. Seuss.  However, did you know March is also National Nutrition Month? For me, nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand.  Or at least they should. Coincidentally, my last Group Fitness/Personal Trainers staff meeting included another organization involved in the campus health coalition, the dietitians.    

"Be accountable for yourself."

These four words were the most important things I walked away with after this meeting with Chris Blackburn, a former Biggest Loser contestant.

Chris came to our University yesterday to give a free lecture about health and well-being for all students.  He was nice enough to come a couple hours earlier to attend our staff meeting to talk to us about the best ways to work with physically and psychologically obese clients.

Chris was 368 pounds at his highest recorded weigh-in. He is also a two-time marathoner, a triathlete and a motivating group fitness instructor.  Still, he is a diagnosed Compulsive Over-eater. "My mind is still mentally overweight," he confessed.  

Chris lost 100 pounds in seven months but still struggles every single day with making nutritious decisions.  He admitted, "I love being in t he gym.  You could put me in the gym all day. But when I go home, it's just me. I have to be accountable for myself to eat right." Amen! I don't know about you all, but I feel this way exactly. And it's hard for a lot of us.  

"Convince yourself every single day to make healthy choices." No one else can make these decisions for you.  Chris said that the best trainers, instructors, and dietitians he had worked with were the ones that didn't say "I." "I knew you could do it."  I want you to set a goal to eliminate all carbs this week."  To a person battling with weight struggles, the only effective motivator is someone whom asks them what their goals are.  The best trainer is one who makes the client self-reflect; you should ask yourself "Have you tried before? What about that didn't work?" "What is your goal?" 

Not only was Chris' advice beneficial for the fitness coach in me, but also, I think I can translate all of what he said to myself. In a lot of ways I could relate to Chris' story.  It's no secret that I love working out. But I truly struggle with being accountable for myself when it comes to food.  My crazy schedule this year has made it hard for me to account for how much protein, grains, carbs, etc. I ate throughout the day, and I've been guilty of ignoring healthy methods I have found successful in the past.  

With it being Nutrition Month, I am going to keep Chris' story in the back of my mind and promise to use positivity to motivate myself.  I will only keep foods in the house that I know I won't regret, and I am going to plan exactly what I will eat for the day to eliminate any slip-ups. 

Does anyone else have a nutrition plan for March?
Stay accountable. Stay motivated.
:) Happy March!

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