Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving...

... That I'm feeling relaxed after a mini-vacation with my family in South Carolina. We spent a day in one of my favorite cities of all time, Savannah, sat on the beach, drank a lot, ate a lot, and talked a lot, and played a lot of Pictionary. I wish I could have stayed more than 4 days. 

... having a family with whom I can party, hang out, confide and relax. 

... "Savannah Smiles." A Dualing Piano bar on River Street that is beyond fun. What I'm loving even more was that they appreciated our Jersey roots.  Note the "Phrase of the night" on the picture below. 

... the vintage Coppertone Poster Ad I got antique-ing with Momma. It's got the perfect black ribbon with which to hang the sign in my room.   :) 

 ... that our culminating activity (a Water Party/ Water Tour of the Purple Room) was completed with great success. The kids loved showing off their hard work to their parents and I loved watching the smiles on their little faces and their parents' alike. 

One of the 6 stations at our End-of-Camp Party

... that I get to drive back to good 'ol NJ this weekend! Can't wait to be back down the shore and reunite with mah friendssss 


agalandherdog said...

Piano bars are so much fun!

Maggie.Yelencsics said...

They really are! I wish there was one by me! For now, it's just one more excuse to visit Savannah :)

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