Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Thursday...

(+) I woke up early to go for a run
(-) I only made it a little over 2 miles before I felt like I was going to die. 
Not my best run by far, but at least it was something, right? 

(+) The weather was gorgeous so I took complete advantage of the cool 84 degrees and sunshine and headed to the beach. 
(-) My day was abbreviated by a hair appointment. But hey, I'll take 3 hrs on the beach anyday! 

(+) Being so close to C's school, I got to meet him for lunch!!! [I had the best slice of Grandma's pizza I've ever had. It rivaled Tony's (if Tony's made a Grandma pie...) ]
(-) I missed that boy so much. It feels like I've been home for weeks without seeing him, even though it's only been less than one. 

(+) I procured a few MU football schedules for my wallet .. Football season is just around the corner!! 
(-)  As much as I LOVE football season, I'm already sort of counting down the days until it's over. #imissmyboo

(+) I got my haircut! Loved it.
(-) My blow out was immediately ruined by the convertible. Oh well. 

(+) I went shopping at my favorite store Jenna&Molly
(-) I only walked out with one shirt I only sort of kind of like. A return may be in the near future.

(+) I had a delicious dinner with my sister and dad at home. It was quite enjoyable, indeed.
(-) The only reason I got to join them at dinner was because my screaming headache and better judgement kept me away from my Hot Yoga class. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. 

(+) Thursday = Jerzday. 
(-) I'll admit it, Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure. But seriously, who's isn't? 

This Thursday, the positives definitely outweighed the negatives. What's even better is I have three super exciting days to look forward to; Friday, Saturday and Sunday have me wishing Thursday was over already!

What did you do This Thursday? 

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