Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ode to Turkey Sandwiches

It's not every night that you get to spend the night in DC with your girlfriends, dancing and sipping on free champagne until the metro closes.  Unfortunately, magical nights like these often end in miserable mornings.

For me, last night was one of those rare nights.  This morning was one of those regrettable mornings.  

I woke up with a pounding head, achey joints, and a blistered toe. 

I didn't have much time to treat my misery, as I had to participate in Campus Recreation Services annual Olympics. Actually, most of the CRS Staffs participated in Olympics. We as Group Fitness participated in a Para-olympics of sorts with negative reaction times and lowered perceptions. Thank-you, Champagne.

However, when I finally finished "playing" (watching) Dodgeball, Kickball, and Volleyball, I headed straight for my refrigerator. My mission: a turkey sandwich.  

Nothing cures a hangover like cold turkey on whole wheat toast, drenched in oil and vinegar.  The crunchy-soft texture and award-winning combination of protein and sweet, sweet carbohydrates make for a sensational party in your mouth. I finished my homemade sandwich in record timing, and I immediately felt liberated from the vengeance my tired body was seeking. 


The next time you are faced with the awful consequences of an amazing night out, please take my advice and reach for the turkey.  Making a homemade sandwich is sufficient, but going to the North Campus Diner for one is more rewarding, and buying one from Sunny Side Deli is beyond ideal. Now that I've confessed my hangover cure, never fear a Saturday -girls-night-out at the club. Let the Turkey be your savior.  But please don't put Mayo on it. That's just not right. 

.... On another note, "Baked!" Doritos are a strange thing. 

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Maggie.Yelencsics said...

*Shout-out to Emily for being a fellow Turkey-cure believer. Proof that I'm not completely out of my mind.

Also, this was Glitz&Grammar's 50th post! Yay for milestones :)

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