Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

So rumor has it that today is the only "13th" of the month that lands on a Friday this year. I'd believe it.  Considering I woke up at 6:45 to study, then stepped outside to walk to my 8:00 exam to discover it is the first cold and rainy day in a string of perpetually beautifully sunny days.

Rest assured, my Friday got increasingly better.  Once I finished the exam (composed of 5 essay questions - 2 of which I had no idea how to answer) I had a quick sweat sesh with my girl Ashie to work off any remaining stress. (Insert another 4 hours of studying here that I would rather just forget) 

Around 3:00 I headed to the CYC for my last hours in the Yellow Room for the semester.  Really really sad. All I kept thinking about was what on Earth I would blog about for the next month away from the kiddies?! But seriously...I can't believe half of my munchkins will be going to Kindergarten next year ... and even the half that will be back in the Yellow Room I won't see as much as I did this year due to my less-than-accommodating class schedule for next semester. 

To end my Yellow Room adventure I'll sum up the afternoon's events:
3:30 pm - I am greeted with three running-start-hugs. =]
3:31 pm - "Ms Alensis do you know today is your last day?" 
(I may or may not have teared up answering yes)
3:45 pm - Sang the Insect version of "Head,Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
 ... "Head, Thorax Ab-dom-en, Ab-do-men."
3:50 pm - Passed around a centipede to observe during Circle Time.
3:50 pm and 30 seconds - Centipede escapes. Screams and Cries ensue.
3:51 pm: Little Man accidentally smushes centipede with hand in effort to save it. Circle time is over.
4:00 pm: Cutie-Patootie, Munchkin and Girlygirl present me with a card (signed by all my kiddies with pictures!) and a gift bag. I feel so loved :) 

Aaaah I miss them already! 

Anyway, back to being a real college student and studying until my brain fries itself to a crisp, or my 8am and 4pm exams are complete. Whichever comes first. (and yes, 8am on a Saturday. They are trying to torture us.)

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Glad it's almost over. 

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