Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Thursday afternoon began my Memorial Day Weekend with a drive down to West Long Branch. I attempted the beach (fog quickly shut down that idea,) pumped some iron at the MU gym, played Wiffle Ball on the Great Lawn (showed C and his buddies how its done,) and went to see the Hangover Part II in Asbury.

Friday morning we woke up to a gorgeous beach day. I ran down to the ocean while C got his lift on, and we met back up on the beach. I roasted for a couple hours (my tan lines say it all) and we ended the day by celebrating Surf Taco's 10th anniversary! I enjoyed my taco salad and the "Nutty Surfer", the best pb and chocolate milkshake you will ever sip, in a celebratory manner. (I never let myself order that shake due to obvious health reasons, but who can pass up a good excuse to indulge in high fat, high sugar, high calorie treats?)  After our dinner I drove (with an aching stomach) to 'Squan to spend the night with my bff Caroline :)

I set my alarm early Saturday morning to sleep walk jog along the river before Caroline and I headed over to Belmar. MDW simply wouldn't be complete without a visit to b-e-l-m-a-r, just ask all the teeny-boppers with facebook statuses "DTS, MDW .. belmar NBD!" ..To that I say, smh. So we spent the day frying on the beach with Mikey &co before going on a serious shopping spree through Freehold Mall.  It would have been nice to stay all night in Belmar considering the plan was to return Sunday morning, but since I am few days shy of 21 I couldn't partake in the Happy Hour festivities :( Can't wait until next weekend!

Sunday morning I drove with C and his buddy back to Belmar for his sister's summer kick-off Luau, or "Ulua" as the sign from Party City read hanging over their front door...

The day was spent sipping Sangria from pineapple glasses and sunning on the front lawn. It was quite enjoyable.

Monday rolled along entirely too fast. I came home from the shore and sat my rear on a lounge chair poolside at the Palladino Resort. Grilling and tanning with friends and family was the perfect start to summer!

Now, it's Tuesday, the day before my 21st and I am prepping myself via Hot Yoga and a Mani/Pedi to celebrate in Atlantic City! Wish me luck ;)  Pictures and antics will be coming shortly.

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