Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Mondays

My first full day away from College Park also marks the first full day of a precession of days without a prefix.  It's Monday, but it doesn't feel like it. With no classes and no work schedule to label the days leading up to the weekend, the entire week feels like one perpetual weekend. Until I have to mark something profound on my calendar the remainder of my days will simply be that, a "-day." Who cares if it's "Mon-" or "Thurs-" or "Sun-" when you can do whatever the heck you want whenever the heck you want?

The plus side of it being a Monday that doesn't feel like a Monday: I have nothing to dread. I woke up at my leisure and it is almost 11:00 (the day is practically half way through in the life of an early-bird) and I am still contemplating my course of action. No classes, no work. Life is good. (?)

The down side of it being a Monday that doesn't feel like a Monday:  It doesn't feel like a Monday. I have no motivation, and all the real people in the world are either at school or at work. I'm bored and alone. I need to be productive, but I'm indeed being the opposite.

From now until June 20th when my work schedule begins, I wish you a Happy Day, my friends. Happy Day.

Thanks, Bruno Mars for putting into song the precise way I feel.

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