Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. If you could watch only one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This is a tough question. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias but I don't think I could watch it for the rest of my life...I would probably be seriously emotionally traumatized. Or desensitized. and I don't want either of those things. 

My second fav is Newsies, but I feel like a Disney musical may get slightly irritating for the rest of my life.

Maybe I'd choose Remember the Titans. It's historical, with a good message, and cute football-playing boys. You laugh, you cry, you sing and you dance. Gotta love it. 

Now if this question just said "If you could watch only one DVD for the rest of your life," I would hands down choose season 3 Friends. Good stuff. 

2. Let’s say someone wrote a screenplay about you; what actor/actress would you choose to play you and why?
My first instinct is Jessica Simpson for obvious reasons (what, you don't see the uncanny resemblance?) 

3. What’s the first movie you remember seeing in theaters?
Jurassic Park. Sitting front row with my dad, my tiny neck aching the entire time trying to watch big screen. 

4. Did you ever make out at the back of a movie theater in middle school/high school?
haha how embarrassing. My dad reads this... 

5. Are you a Netflix-er, Blockbuster-er or a Redbox-er? (Or none of the above?)
Redboxer! Love those RedBoxes! Check out my last post to read about my latest RedBox success. 

6. Name one actor/actress who you would give anything to have a dinner date with.
Jessica Simpson. or Christian Bale. or Javier Bardem - he seems intelligent, mysterious, handsome and funny all at the same time. I think I could be in love.  

7. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
Hmm. This is tough. "Accepted" was actually painful. As was Napolean Dynamite. The worst movie I've seen in theaters recently was Bruno - I think everyone in the theater felt uncomfortably awkward and disappointed the Borat follow-up was much, much worse. I'm sure if I thought about it a little harder I could come up with my all-time-least-favorite movie. Maybe I'll come back to this one. 

8. Do you sneak snacks into the theater when you go?
Heck yes. If I remember, that is. 

9. Movie theater popcorn: love or hate it?
Definitely don't love it. But I don't hate it. I'll have a handful if someone else buys it but I'm not a buttery popcorn fan (that fake tub of butter actually scares me.)

10. What is the all-time best Disney movie in your opinion?
Lion King. 
And duh, Newsies.
Oh, and does Toy Story count?  LOVE Toy Story. I took my mom to the midnight viewing of Toy Story 3, and you know what? Woody's still got it. 


Ashley Alyssa said...

Heck yes Remember the Titans... and season 3 Friends. Perfection.

Diana Kovacs said...

1. Your answer to number 1 is phenomenal.
2. Accepted is hysterical, please watch again and reevaluate.
3. I can't believe you didn't put legally blonde 2 as the worst movie, we were in pain.

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