Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Non-Word of the Day Wednesday:

This blog is not dubbed "Word of the Day" because "cussed" isn't actually a word. It's a corruption of the English word "curse" commonly used by my beautiful Roommates and other silly Southerners.

I always giggled when my roomies would use the term "Cuss" seriously in a sentence. It sounds so innocent, trivial.  However, being the nerd I am, I spent a portion of my Saturday afternoon reading a late 20th century publication of "Practical English and the Command of Words," which supported my claim that "cuss" and it's made-up past-tense version "cussed" are not recognized as legitimate words.


I do forgive my friends for using the term because they sound so darn-tootin'-cute when using the colloquialism. I'll get off my northern high-horse now and close the subject.

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