Friday, May 20, 2011

'Til the World Ends

What if today is the last Friday ever?

Honestly, I am not convinced that tomorrow, May 21, 2011, will actually be "Judgment Day." Actually, I often have gut-instincts when something bad is happening ... so far, the signs my instincts sent me were for occurrences on earlier dates in May. My tummy tells me nothin' about tomorrow.

But wouldn't it be weird if we woke up tomorrow, a (hopefully sunny) Saturday morning and all of the pious people in our lives just started floating up to heaven? Good news for me, I'm almost certain my closest friends, family and I are all the slightest fraction sinner.  I wouldn't have to worry about saying my good-byes (or see ya laters?) until October...

Seriously though. What a weird concept, Judgement Day. Don't you think we should be expecting the return of our Savior anyday? If I was Jesus, I'd make a surprise appearance. Shake things up a bit. I mean the man is infamous for the unexpected; he gave sight to the blind, turned blood into wine. Why on heaven or earth should we expect him to follow the expected this time around?

I'm not saying I believe or disbelieve in the rapture beginning tomorrow. (But if it does happen tomorrow, I bet I'll regret sitting on my couch blogging on this last Friday.) What do you guys think?

Anyone doing anything super crazy out of this world for the last Friday ever?!?! Dancin til the world ends a la Britney?

The thought brought me back to my bucket list. Or rather, my "Things-To-Do-Before-the-World-Ends" list.  I wish I had more things crossed off...  cross your fingers I have slightly more time than the four months to complete everything!

1 comment:

Jill said...

I have lots of ideas to cross off some of your bucket list items. I'm canyon, water-skiing, and vegetarian for a month are a good start!

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