Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Coca-Cola!

According to the Huffington Post today is Coke's 125th birthday! 

Most of you know I have a slight obsession with anything Coca-Cola.  The obsession was established by my grandfather, who decorated his kitchen in Coca-Cola memorabilia; now anything that has "Coke" printed on it ignites sentimental nostalgia and a severe desire to whip out my camera. 
posing in Toledo with a Coke table. Tourist. 
...Not to mention my excessive addiction to fountain diet coke has me fantasizing about the carbonated deliciousness more than any normal human should.  

Happy birthday Coca-Cola! Thanks for the memories, the pictures, and the sweet, sweet redemption to my caffeine withdrawals. 
Stacks of Coke in Savannah, GA

On a side note, the University of Maryland is a Pepsi-Cola sponsored institution. One of the few grudges I hold against this University. Shame on you, UMD, shame on you. 

Rome supports Coke. So should Maryland. 

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