Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm having writer's block. Wit nor creativity are making appearances in this exhausted brain of mine.  It's frustrating. But blog I must.  I haven't been doing much these past few days but do minimal chores around the house, read, and attempt to stay sane.  In order to keep my eager followers waiting no longer, I decided to share the top ten goings-on in my life at the moment - in list form, as to evade the crisis of non-creativity.

1. Garage Sale: we held a garage sale outside our house on Saturday afternoon. It was the first day after a week of non-stop rain to see the sun so I was happy to wake up at 7:00am and sell my trash to strangers if it meant I could get a dose of natural vitamin D.  I made $40 (it would have been at least $50 if my customers weren't so pushy and downright cheap) and gained a few more freckles on my nose.

2. Brenna: I got to spend time at B's house this weekend with close friends and a good pizza. Gosh I missed that girl.

3. Confirmation: C's little cousin got confirmed in South Plainfield on Sunday. The pews were occupied by lots of cute babies and I occupied myself during the hour and a half+ mass by playing this fun game I made up: "Name that baby." In my row was a new born with a headband bigger than her head - her name was Emma. Behind me was a butter-ball dressed in yellow who wouldn't stop eating, she was Sofie.  In front of me was a toddler constantly being passed off between big-haired, lipstick-wearing Aunts - he was the cutest. I dubbed him Anthony.

4. Shopping: Express sale means buy one get one shorts. Which means I came home with 4 pair. Thanks Mom!

5. Hot Yoga: I took my first Hot Yoga class this Monday! Holy hell it was hot. Holding Warrior 2 in 100 degrees, mat-to-mat with 20 other women is not so easy! My hands were pruned by the end I sweated so much. But boy did it feel good after. It was the most challenging and cleansing 75 minutes of my life. I will definitely be returning for more! I think doing Yoga three times a week is a new ingredient to my Happy Plan.  Namaste!

6. "The Help": I'm half way through this Kathryn Sockett novel and I'm hooked!

7. Caroline, Jess and Diana: Got to see these girls in bits and pieces this week. So happy to see them - but I am definitely making it a resolution to see them more often. It's summer and I need my girls :)

8. GPA: I got a 4.0 this semester! This week has been kind of negative for me in a lot of ways, but getting my grades with nothing less than an A- to stain my transcript definitely brightened my day.

9. Bridesmaids: I've been wanting to see this new comedy every day this week, but it still hasn't happened. I'm hoping tonight is the night after Diana gets off of work!

10. Happy Plan: I'm trying to remind myself every day to do things that make me happy.  I've realized it is so easy to get bogged down in the negativity of my surroundings - I need to remember that I am the key controller to my happiness. I am going to share my personal ingredients to what I think might make me "happy" so my loyal followers can remind me to stay on track:
- Be active for AT LEAST 30 minutes a day. (Run, weight lift, YOGA, etc.)
- Eat healthy.  Only eat meat one meal per day. Only snack when I'm hungry!
- Get dressed daily. No day shall pass only in yoga pants and a t-shirt. I feel so much better about myself when I put effort into my appearance.
- Do something every day for me. (paint my nails, treat myself to an iced coffee, take a nap)
- Make an effort to see my girlfriends. It's so easy for me to just stay in bed with a good book for the night. Enough is enough. I'm nearly 21 years old, not 41; having fun with my girlies needs to be a priority.

And that's that. Happy Tuesday Lovies xx

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