Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life, Twenty-0ne...

It's the Saturday after my 21st birthday and I have a hot date with Will & Grace, a bottle of wine, and a load of laundry to be folded.  Don't get too excited though -- the bottle of wine is still sitting completely full on my counter beside the cork screw; I opted against drinking it when I remembered I want to workout early tomorrow morning.  

...I know what you're thinking. Did she turn 21 or 51? 
Okay, even if that's not what you're wondering, you're probably thinking I am the least exciting 21 year old in the tri-state area. 
Despite my totally boring weekend (I went to bed at 7pm last night...a Friday) I have evidence that I celebrated as a 21 year old should. In Atlantic City with my best friends, I spent two nights dancing and drinking ... leading to  the following two nights spent in recovery mode.  

Julienna and I drove down to AC and met Ashley and Katlyn at our hotel room in Harrahs (thanks Uncle John and Mom!!) on Tuesday, Lauren and Christine met us on the boardwalk for a fun pre-birthday dinner. 
After dinner and an embarrassing restaurant-wide "Happy Birthday," the three members of the 21 club and I returned to the hotel room to get ready for the clock to strike midnight, while Lauren and Christine had to drive back to Philly :(  *Thnx for coming for just a couple hrs girls - can't wait 'til we can celebrate YOUR 21sts!xoxo*

When the clock struck midnight I was in Caesar's Casino with Ash, Kate, Jule, and two spontaneous additions fresh from DC: my beautiful roommate Jill and her bf Matt!  
I proudly presented my REAL ID and ended up dancing the night away at Dusk night club. The "Happy Birthday" tiara Lauren so graciously adorned me with prompted many well-wishes from strangers as well as free drinks. I loved every second of it. 

We enjoyed cocktails and played slot machines until past 4am, but I still woke up at 9am much to my girlfriends' dismay. But I was 21...still! How can one sleep when one is legally able to attend fancy night clubs?!?

We spent the afternoon on the beach of Atlantic City before my parents, my godmother, my sister, and my handsome boyfriend came to take me out for a birthday dinner! They surprised me with a personalized menu - "Happy Birthday Margaret!!!" read across the top of each of our menus. Mom ordered us a bottle of champagne and I never felt more special.  

After the fam left, we were in attendance at Harrah's Pool party. So.Freaking.Cool.
Loved the Pool. Loved.Loved.Loved. 
What I loved even more was the company - not only were three of my closest girlfriends there to dance with me on my 21st birthday, but my favorite Terp alumni were also there to keep me laughing and dancing the entire night. 

Celeb-status outside the Pool. The boys were slightly wet after illegally jumping in. Woops!

Obviously, I had an undeniably action-packed two-day-long birthday. I felt like a rockstar, and I have my family and friends to thank. (And the random strangers who were perceptive of my Tiara that screamed "give me attention") It was fabulous.  Too fabulous? No such thing. 

Although I spent the weekend after my official 21st birthday as a hermit in "recovery mode overhaul" as Katlyn so precisely put it, my two nights in AC were totally, utterly, perfectly worth it.   

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cheers to a year ahead filled with more spontaneity, dancing, drinking, and awesome friendships. I'll even take the recovery time that comes with the fun of 21. 

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