Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving...

... That the stranger in front of me online at 7/11 paid for my coffee.  What a sweet, simple gesture. It's wonderful to know that genuinely nice people exist in College Park :)  I am definitely planning on passing this one forward very soon. 

... The Terps victory over UMiami this past Monday. I'm also loving their new uniforms and the new hype and spirit that come along with them! 

... That my loverboy got a new house at school, so when I visit, I no longer have to wear flip flops as protection against grimy communal bathroom floors. Makes me want to go visit him that much more!! 

Skyping is the closest I'm getting right now :( 

Who wouldn't want to drive 3.5 hours to go see this handsome face ;) 

... Work at the CYC started up again! It's been a month since summer camp ended and I've been going through early childhood withdrawal.  
Ms. Sass: "Ms AAAA-LEN-SIS. WHERE have you been all this time. HELLL-OO we started like last wa-eeek."

Little Man: "Let me tell ya somethin' Ms. Alensis we're back in da yellow room and dis is da yellow room. Dis is da rock I drawed in my journal. Ok gotta go can I ask ya somethin? Will you be here to-morr-ow?"

:) aaaah I LOVE my Yellow Roomers! 

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