Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Football-Filled Weekend

During college football season my Saturdays are dedicated to two teams: the Maryland Terrapins and the Monmouth Hawks. No matter which game I decide to be present for, have no doubt I will be following the tweets of the opposite game minute by minute.

It's fun to have two teams to cheer for, because it increases the chance for celebration.  And celebrating is the best part about football. 

Week one of college football, I suffered a MU loss, but celebrated an MD win. Week 2 was unbelievably boring with two byes. Week three MU had a huge win, and MD had an unfortunate loss.  This week I was hoping to FINALLY have double the reason to celebrate with a W across the board.  

Well, C and Co made me proud by ending Central Connecticut State's 15-game winning streak at home with a 21-10 victory. (Yayyyyy) Unfortunately, the Terps were annihilated by Temple at home. I am SO SO SO happy for the Hawks who have already beat last season's record and are making a name for themselves in the NEC. However, I wasn't able to be in Jersey to celebrate with the Hawks like I was last week :( Instead, I was stuck in College Park, land of the depressed.  

There he is, my 49 - ready for the win :)
MD's O'Brien, not so ready for a win.

Sundays are spent watching my NY Giants, who thank GOODNESS pulled out a fantastic win over the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth quarter. With three Baltimore fans as roommates, there isn't much time for celebrating before the Ravens come on, but a girl can gloat. 

Win or Lose, Football definitely consumes my weekends these days ... and I can't say I'd really have it any other way. I hope you guys had at reasons to celebrate this weekend, too. (Sorry if you're a CCSU or an Eagles fan though... can't help you there. 

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