Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday ... Would You Rather ...

This week's "Ten on Tuesday" was painfully thought-provoking and made me seriously question my values. I went back and forth between posting and deleting this for the sake of my sanity. I decided to post out of pure curiosity to the reactions of others. Plus "Would You Rather" is my favorite game to play with my friends - just ask Lauren.  
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1. Eat chocolate covered grasshoppers or this freaky squid thing?
I'd probably eat anything covered in chocolate. No joke. 

2. Never see another movie or never watch TV again?
Ah! I think ... I ... would ... never watch a movie again?!!? Tough one. Can I watch movies on TV? 

3. Be a superhero with a lame power or a supervillain with an awesome power?
Be a superHERO with a lame power.  If you're not a hero, you're a zero. That's what I say (at least now I do.)

4. Eat only salty snacks for the rest of you life, or only sweet snacks?
Only Sweet snacks!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweets are my diet's demise. 

5. Never read another book or never hear another song?
Oh my gosh. This is worse than the movie/tv debacle.  I. Um. would rather never read another book ?!?!?!!?! That's terrifying to say. I just can't imagine not ever hearing another song again...how depressing would that be?  Although I would probably become an ignorant dunce if I never picked up another book. Maybe reading the newspaper and online articles and blogs would suffice. Oh my Lord I think I just started sweating. I need to stop thinking about this and go pick up a paperback.   

 6. Be a whale carcass remover or a sewer inspector?
Well isn't that a pleasant thought?  I don't know ... I can't imagine a whale carcass remover would have an awful amount of jobs to take care of.  Sewage on the other hand seems much more demanding. Although I hate animals, and probably carcasses, although I've never had to actually touch one.  Let's go with the former anyway.  

7. Have no electricity or no running water?
No running water. Maybe it would be good exercise to go fetch me some good ol natural H2O. 

8. Be a dog or a cat?
A dog. The life of feline lethargy is seemingly boring.  Also, people love dogs. I love to be loved. 

9. Always be hot or always be cold?
Always be hot!  Especially if that means I'm getting a tan.  I have a sickness, I know. 

10. Be forced to watch all 3 High School Musicals on an endless loop, or the Twilight movies?
Who's forcing me to watch the Twilight Movies?! I'd choose the Cullen Family over those singing teeny-boppers any day. Even if they are the poorest actors in America. 

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Brittany said...

Cute post! I am the same way, I would definitely choose not having water over losing electricity!

I would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :)


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