Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Unofficial, Official End

I wonder who decided the first Monday of September would be the "official" end of summer. According to the calendar, that person will always be wrong considering the actual official end of summer is always September 21st. Maybe I'm not yet ready to trade my bikinis for boots. I want more beach days. 

I also want to know who decided it was unfashionable to wear white after Labor day. Because I say, why not?

Here's how I spent my LDW:
Last DJais HH of the summer :( 

Go 49! <3 

Labor Day White-Out; Terps v Miami   -- Go Terps! 

I may be in denial that summer is over, but I sure did love me a Labor-less weekend. Jersey Shore, watching the boo play football, and a Terps victory made for one happy girl. 

Anyway... Is it Memorial Day Weekend Yet? 

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