Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's OK...

Its Ok Thursdays

... to have taken a blogging hiatus (and a social life hiatus) for the past few days due to sickness. I've needed my sleep! 

... to not want to do anything this weekend. Seriously, this chica needs a break. 

... to take Tylenol PM at 7:00 PM. Sorry I'm not... but this fever needed to go ASAP. 

... to count down the hours left in the school day.. starting as soon as you get there.

... to absolutely cringe every time someone uses "underneath of." Underneath is a preposition on its own, it does not require "of" to come after it.

... to be celebrating "Thirsty Thursday" literally as a very thirsty, dehydrated person. The only thing I am thirst for is water and orange juice.  Bring on the Vitamin C .. wild night!! 

... to completely understand there is a direct correlation between fall weather and junky eating. One of the 9237 reasons I wish it was still summer...  but who can resist pumpkin spiced anything? 

... to totally put anything productive on hold for Thursday night television.  I can't wait for Whitney Cumming's new show. What are you guys watching?!

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