Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trivial Updates

Every semester our campus leasing company has us update a "living agreement" to avoid any dramatic roommate issues that I'm sure are not rare between 18-22 year old college students living in close quarters. Here are some of the highlights my witty roommate Jill added to ours this month: 

- No candles. Call cell phone if someone is missing for an extended period of time (>2 days).

- Borderline uncomfortable with blow up dolls in the living room. Comfortable with all other things/activities (within reason). 

- Jersey, Outer Space, and Essex are all compatible cultures, so we see no issues that may affect living together.

Dietary Restrictions:
Maggie - White foods (especially those that must be eaten with spoons)
Sarah - Mixed nuts with extra fiber 

Katlyn - Apples 
Jill - unrestricted 

- Christmas will be the December holiday of choice. 

- Should there be a disagreement of conflict we will buy wine, discuss, love, and move on.

Aside from being brilliant living arrangements, the above are also some of the many reasons I love Jill and wish I could live with her for a very, very long time. 

I just popped a pimple I've felt developing on my face all day, and now my cheek feels like it has a pulse independent from the rest of my body. It was satisfying at the moment, but I almost regret it right now. 
I updated my blog layout! And it was less painful than I anticipated.  Still need to make some changes, but I'm working on it. What do you think?
I've been diligently researching Halloween costumes because I want to be something fabulous this year. So far I am not successful because I just wish I could wear this and look half as cute. 
Any suggestions otherwise?!!?!? 

And, In order to Link Up with What I'm Loving Wednesday let me share these trivialities: 

I'm loving my new MAC Mascara. It's awesomeness in a small black bottle. 
I wish those were my eyes, they're not. 

I'm loving a short school week, which means Wednesday begins my weekend. Which means I get to home soon to 
a) Go see Newsies the musical with my momma and sister! Newsies was our favorite Disney musical growing up -I hope the play doesn't dissapoint! (But seriously, of course it won't.) 

and b) Cheer on C and the Hawks on Saturday at a home game. Woo hoo! 


Nikki said...

Love what you have done with your blog! So cute! Your roomie sounds like shes really cool! Love the whole if there is a disagreement or conflict we will buy wine discuss love and move on. Thats great!

Ashley said...

I LOVE your new header, miss thang! So cute! And of course I can't wait to hear all about Newsies :) xo

Courtney said...

That Halloween costume is to die for!!!!! seriously, I want to wear that too

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