Monday, September 19, 2011

The Most Brilliant Thing I've Ever Done.

My name is Maggie Y. and I am a caffeine-aholic. 

If every day went exactly as planned I would have a large Iced Coffee in the morning, followed by a Fountain Diet Coke in the afternoon. 

I prefer Iced Coffee to Hot Coffee for reasons that are unclear even to me. Maybe it's a psychological aversion to hot liquid after one too many burnt tongues, or maybe it's a similar aversion to miserable cold weather that makes me always opt for the iced version of my favorite morning-pick-me-up. 

The only problem with iced coffee: when you don't have the time to immediately gulp it in inhuman capacities and the ice melts, resulting in watered-down joe. I've discovered that teaching a classroom of sixth graders doesn't allow time for much coffee sipping, therefore the iced coffee I (or Dunkin Donuts) typically packs becomes weak and border-line disgusting by around 8:30. No bueno. 

Therefore, I experimented with a cure to the melted iced coffee epidemic. 
Two words: Coffee Cubes. 

I know this looks absolutely horrible, and it's partially due to the lighting of a 6am photo shoot while trying to not disturb my roomies, but mostly it is pretty gross looking.  But I assure you, it is the perfect solution.
I simply poured 3/4 part coffee and 1/4 part skim milk in each cube shape of the tray and froze over night. And, Voila! Coffee Cubes for the days you just can't drink your Iced Coffee fast enough! 

My Iced Coffee lasted well into the afternoon and I was one happy, caffeinated teacher.  

Seriously, the most brilliant thing I've ever done. 
Happy Monday - Keep yourself on track with this new Monday "Recipe" ;)


Sarah said...

I love that! So much better than it getting all watery!

Ashley said...

Top-notch idea, Mag. Top-notch. Glad I got to read this brilliance during our lunch break...

JRuud said...

Haha, wow, that's awesome. Such brilliant idea!! :)

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