Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wait, it rains in college?

Wait, it rains in College? precise thought the first time it rained, about month into my Freshman year at UMD. 

Now, dismissing the second official week of school, we have suffered through more rainy days on campus than sunny days.  I feel sorry for the Freshman who didn't have a month of blissful sunshine to explore the beauty of campus with an extended tan, and who never got the opportunity to question if weather in college was ideally and radically different from weather in the real world.

This year, Mother nature soaked our white t-shirts at the Football home opener, and forced our Hunter rain boots out of hiding unseasonably early. 

I have been subjected to a fair share of undesirable campus weather over the past 3+ years: a day in DC spent fearing the impossibility of a return due to a flooded Metro tunnel, the Snowmageddon of 2010 (although unhealthily enjoyable,) inevitably embarrassing slips on icy sidewalks, hail, tornado warnings, and now add an earthquake and hurricane to the list.  So let's be real, some of my best memories of college have been thanks to weather-related disasters. But not every miserably gloom day can turn into a University Holiday and not every time it rains do the bars have half-price Hurricane Specials. Ergo, I'd like to feel the warmth of some sunshine on this campus, please. If not for my whining sake, then do it for the Freshmen. I want them, too, to think "Wait, it rains in college?" 

When it rains, it pours.  And we beat Miami. ;) 

But I think I'd rather be in the hot hot sun like this time last year. And still beat Navy.  

Anyone else want to do the anti-rain dance with me before I fall into a deep dark hole of a tan-less seasonal depression? 

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