Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Fun!(?)

So I thought it might be fun to link up 
with Savannah Smiles today since I always seem to take slipshod pictures on my second-rate blackberry and never do anything with them but a) upload them to twitter or, more often, b) send them to loverboy who rarely cares at all. So here's the exciting pieces of my week in low-quality camera phone form. Enjoy. ;) 

I saw THE most gorgeous rainbow after the miserably rainy day we had on Friday. Jill, Katlyn, my sister and I tried the new restaurant "Bus Boys and Poets" and while we were parking noticed THREE rainbow segments .. within seconds it turned into the most giant and vibrant rainbow I had ever seen. I wish I had a real camera to capture it's amazingness!!
Monmouth Football won two weeks in a row! Woot Woot .. my favorite part of the games is watching the awkward performance of the Boys singing the Alma Mater post victory ;)

The school I intern at puts a piece of candy in each teacher's mailbox on Friday mornings with a cute saying or play-on-words with the school name, Hollywood, to put a smile on our faces at the end of the week.  Last week, the candy said "You're the bomb! Great Job, Hollywood!" in reference to a bomb threat we had earlier in the week. Luckily we only had to keep our students under control in evacuation mode off-premise for about an hour before the police determined the building was bomb-free and safe for reentry.  It was an exciting day, nonetheless.  And totally worth a Blow Pop.  


Alllllsooooo .... I need to thank Sarah @ Simply Sarah for awarding me with the "Versatile Blogger" award - you are too sweet and I am SO so so excited to receive a Blog Award.  I'm a novice to the whole Blog World and it just made my day to get such nice feedback :) 

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. 
Thank ya thank ya Ms Sarah! 

Rule #2: Share seven things about yourself.

  1. I am an aspiring teacher: student teaching in a 6th grade classroom currently, assisting in a pre-k after care, and graduating in May to hopefully find myself with a teaching job.
  2. Improper grammar and unpolished toes are my two biggest pet peeves. Unrelated yes, but equally irritating. 
  3. My favorite color is sparkle. Is that a color? I don't care. If it shines I love it. 
  4. Every time I brush my teeth I have to pee. (TMI?) Seriously though. Every.single.time. 
  5. I was named after both of my grandmothers. 
  6. Some people don't realize this, but I'm overly sentimental. The first time C kissed me, he kissed me three short times in a row before we said goodbye and I got out of his car.  Now, I won't get out of his car without 3 pecks. (I don't think he even realizes I do this...) Maybe it's silly, but I like remembering :) 
  7. I am a group fitness instructor at my campus recreation center and I love it! 

Rule #3: Pass the award on to 15 bloggers that you recently discovered. 
The following blogs are totally worth reading and I mean it because I don't follow just anyone. I think the "versatile blogger" doesn't just write the same fluffy stuff every day but writes worthwhile posts! Thanks for entertaining me, guys :) 
(I'm sure most of these wonderful bloggers have already received the circulating award, so I apologize, but just realize how totally awesome that makes you.) Also, the last two are my real life BFFs so totally check our ma gurls Ash and Laur. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the award! This is the 2nd time I got it! I am so flattered! Thanks for reading!

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