Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's OK...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ... 
... To consider delaying your daily Diet Coke a half an hour each day a serious feat. Hey, I may not be able to quit cold turkey ... but waiting until 1:00 when my coffee cup depleted at 8:00 is definitely noteworthy for a caffeine-addict like me - a caffeine addict who dreams of being hooked up to an IV of diet coke on her way to work. 

... To secretly wish school would close immediately after a bomb-threat.
more on this topic later. Yes, Hollywood had a bomb scare, and yes it was just a prank so Thank the Goodness that we are all safe and sound.  A day off still would have been nice. 

... To sit on the couch with a ginormous bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch just like you were 10. 
It's the taste even adults can see. 

... To start undressing the moment you enter your apartment after a day at school. 
This includes all jewelry, undergarments, shoes, etc. I want nothing more after a day of teaching than to strip my teaching clothes off and lay in my pajamas.  

... To look forward to not having anything to look forward to this weekend. 
This week has been especially hectic and I just can not wait to do absolutely nothing come Saturday afternoon. 

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Ramblin Mama said...

Stopped by as a result of Comment Love Day. Gotta love those Terps! They need some extra hugs after the WVU game, too. Better luck next game, Guys!

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