Friday, October 28, 2011

One of Those Days

I actually woke up three minutes before my alarm. Which is rare considering my alarm goes off at 5:42 AM and it always comes entirely too early.  Surprisingly bright-eyed and well-rested, I got out of bed immediately and began to dress in one of my most professional and teacher outfits - more time means a more put-together Ms. Y.

My coffee was brewed early enough to enjoy an entire cup instead of the third of a cup I typically have time for, and I was out the door nearly fifteen minutes before usual. I was really looking forward to extra planning time before the students arrived.

With umbrella in hand, I high-heeled my way through the ten minutes of rain it takes me to walk to the parking garage at which my car is parked. Once I made it to the dry shelter of the parking garage, I hiked up 5 flights of stairs to my extremely inconvenient parking spot. (Have you ever walked up 5 flights of steps in heels and a heavy school bag before the sunrise? It is miserable. Don't do it.)

Eventually, my car was in sight and I could not wait to finally have a place to relieve my shoulder from my 200lb bag.  

And almost instantly my smooth morning transformed into an unbelievable series of bumps. 
I forgot my car keys.

Not only did that mean I had to walk down 5 flights of stairs, walk uphill to my distant apartment, but it also meant that with my car keys were my apartment key and my building swipe, locked hopelessly in my bedroom.

With no other options, I shouted profanities at myself, swearing I would forget my head if it weren't attached, and jogged as best I could in my Nine West heels back to the building.  I banged furiously on the first set of locked doors for someone to buzz me in, and when I was let in, I requested to check out a spare key for my apartment.  Soaking wet and breathless, I succeeded.  With keys in hand I jogged back, got in my car, and hit infinitely more traffic than I would have thirty minutes earlier.  About three days later (exaggeration, but still) I arrived at Hollywood ES not 15 minutes early like I hoped to be, but actually 10 minutes late.

And then because there was no point in pouting, I carried on with my day like a big girl.  Except for the fact that I think all the early morning running left me unusually swollen, so the pencil skirt I thought was a good idea in the morning was terribly uncomfortable and border-line suffocating for the remainder of the day. No bueno. 

I made it through 7 hours of pencil-skirt discomfort but could not wait to get home and unzip myself to freedom. I parked my car in the metered lot immediately behind my apartment (Lord knows I wasn't making that 10 minute trek in high heels for the 4th time) and got out to pay the electronic meter only 50 yards away from my spot.  By the time I paid my fifty cents and returned to my car, a rent-a-cop was printing my ticket for $15.
Me: "Excuse me, I just got out of that car to PAY the meter. Literally two minutes ago."
Cranky Meter B*&^h :"Oh I'm so sorry, you'll have to write an appeal to the company telling them that."
I couldn't tell if she was genuinely sorry for so terribly screwing up, or if she just genuinely was too dumb to realize her mistake. Either way I stormed off, angrier than I was 9 hours earlier. 

Thankfully my day never got any worse, my preschoolers were adorable as usual, and although I had to teach 3 hours straight of fitness classes after the CYC, I was more so therapeutically tired than exasperatingly enervated.  

This morning I decided to wake myself up only after a full 9 hours of sleep, cut up a little banana to go with my heaping spoonful of peanut butter, and enjoy a peaceful jog around the lake wif ma bff Kate. After a refreshing shower, I picked up some last minute things for Halloweekend and worked my shift with my favorite kids in the world, the Yellow Room.  Let's just say I'm looking forward to a weekend that should be much better than the day my week ended

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Kate said...

Aww, that sounds awful! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend to make up for your stressful day!

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