Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Travel Style

1. You’re packing for a week long vacation, do you pack ahead of time or wait until the last possible minute to pack?
Considering it takes me for.ev.er. to pack - I am compulsive about trying on every single outfit before it goes in my bag - I start packing a couple days ahead of time but usually don't end up finalizing until the very last minute. Neurotic, I know.

2. Are you a light or heavy packer?
Anyone that knows me can answer this question.  C had his family buy me mid-sized Vera Bradley luggage bags for my birthday this year so that I would stop bringing a large rolling duffel bag to go visit him for less than an entire weekend. (I've since kept my rolling luggage for only longer trips, but that doesn't mean I don't bring all 3 of the bags I got for my birthday. Sorry I'm not sorry C.)  So yes, I am an over-packer.(And yet somehow I still never have exactly what I want to wear...)
I'll never get rid of my rolly. 
But I LOVE my new tote, use it for everything!

3. What are your favorite road trip snacks?
Pull and peel twizzlers, diet coke, and some monster trail mix (preferably with an overwhelming chocolate to any other ingredient ratio.)

4. Do you take any reading material along?
Yes! Usually light reads like Glamour or People mags if I'm driving. My heaviest reading of novels is usually done while traveling by plane, however. I definitely prefer reading over listening to my ipod on flights. 

5. Do you prefer to drive or fly to your vacation destination?
Fly, please! 

6. What is your favorite time of the year to take your vacation?
Let's be real here, I'll take a vacation any time of the year.  Although I think a trip to a warm sunny beach in the middle of a frigid mid-atlantic winter is ideal. Too bad I never do that...

7. Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Hmm..again, not picky. I love Disney World in the fall.  And I obviously love the Jersey Shore in the summer. But I think the ultimate vacation was during my study abroad trip; a long weekend in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Costa Brava was breathtaking, exciting and totally relaxing. I almost didn't come back. 

With my beautiful friends in the crystal clear waters of Costa Brava

8. You are vacationing in the mountains, what is your favorite thing to do while there?
In the winter? Snowmobiling and skiing! And snuggling with hot chocolate afterwards...ha. 
In the summer? Water sports on the lake for surrrre. 
Hunter Mountain 2010

9. You are at the beach for your vacation,  do you like to take it easy on the beach or play all day in the water?
I do my best to lay out as long as possible for ultimate bronzing, however, when I'm with my cousins I could play in the water for HOURS. 

10. While your on vacation do you prefer to eat out every night or cook some of your own meals?
We usually eat out for dinner but pack our own lunches.  This past summer I went to Cape May with loverboy for a long weekend, and if you know my boyfriend, you know our first stop was at the grocery store.  We got enough food to make sandwiches and snacks for lunches on the beach, fixings for a gourmet breakfast on our last morning, and then ate out every night for dinner. :) 

Now that' you're all off day dreaming about vacation, enjoy your Tuesday! 

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Sarah said...

I'm the same way with packing!! I always pack way more than enough, yet I find myself saying "I don't have anything to wear!!" It's crazy...love the packed lunches plan!

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