Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wednesday Lovin'

I'm Loving ...

... That my first formally observed lesson went oh so well last week! My students were so receptive and I felt really confident :) Woot woot!
... Memories from this past weekend.  My friends are the bomb.com and I can't wait for more shenanigans. 


... Leather jackets this season. I think I need one, especially after seeing the lovely Black Lively pair hers with her Burberry Scarf. 
I could totally rock that. I will totally rock that. 


... My preschoolers.
"Ms. Alensis did you know my birthday is November?"
Really? How old will you be?
"I will be 4. I will be a man."
(Stifling giggles..) Oh wow!
"Yes. Yes, I will be tall but I will be a man but I will still be me."
I'm so happy to here that, little one.
"Yes because I like me I will just be me even if I'm old and big."

I love, love, the three year old perspective on life. Wish we all were so profound. 
..And I love this picture. 

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Sarah said...

Congrats on the successful lesson! That preschooler conversation made me smile :) don't ya just love em!!?

Victoria said...

congrats on the successful observation! i remember those stressful days :)

kids can always make me laugh,too.

Fash Boulevard said...

hey girlie. so happy I came across your blog. totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my style and fashion blog and see if you'd like to follow. I'd love to hear what you think of my JewelMint photo shoot. thanks love. xo

Adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist.

Miranda said...

haha kids say the cutest things! i also want that leather jacket and scarf!!!

Jamie@HandlingWithGrace said...

I desperately want that Burberry scarf! I just blogged about it actually :)

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