Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Linked up @ Roots and Rings today for the 100th Ten on Tuesday! Enjoy :)

[one] How do you take your coffee?
Through an IV. Just kidding. But really, in heavy doses on ice. Skim milk unless I’m feeling Starbucks fancy and want some sort of sweet espresso treat. 
[two] Do you prefer soft or crispy chocolate chip cookies?
I’m not picky when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. But homemade definitely over store bought, and I guess chewy usually reigns over crispy. Especially if crispy means burnt. But like I said, I ain’t picky. 

[three] Do you wear a belt everyday?
Hardly ever. 

[four] What is your favorite color combination?
Tiffany Blue and White because there’s always something even prettier inside ;)

... Just kidding, Green and Gold (high school pride, baby!)
.. Just kidding, again. I think anything paired with SPARKLE is to die for. ;) ;) 

[five] Do you like sour candy?
Upon occasion. I’ll usually pick sweet over sour, however. 

[six] How often do you do laundry?
Once a week. 

[seven] Did you ever wear braces?
For four and a half long years from sixth grade to tenth grade.  I got them taken off just two days before my Sweet Sixteen and in all my pictures I still didn't know how to smile properly without them. In every photo I gave one of those awkward trying-too-hard-to-cover-your-braces grins even though I was officially brace-less.  Awwwkwarrrrd. 

[eight] Are you good at Roman Numerals?
This is a funny question. Yes, I suppose? I know them, unlike my sixth graders who looked at me like I had 5 heads when I asked them to label the headings in their outline with Roman Numerals. It’s going to be a long year...

[nine] What is your favorite form of social media?
Twitter!!!!! Tweet Tweet @maggie_yel 

[ten] How do you feel about chin dimples?
I’ve actually never considered my stance on chin dimples until this very question. I guess they’re alright. I mean, I feel nothing negative toward them. In fact, I think John Travolta’s chin dimple is quite becoming. 

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Victoria said...

cute link-up, where is it from? i would love to joing up.

coffee is my best friend in the morning :)

i love your blog and i just gave you the "versatile blogger award" so feel free to participate...


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