Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Need A Weekend from My Weekend

The past four days have been a whirlwind of Halloween costumes and homework, and I have totally been slacking on my blogging game. I apologize, dear friends. I hope you all had a wonderfully busy weekend as I did, maybe with a little extra time to breath, and I hope you all stayed warm!

Also, can you believe November is already here? Seriously, where has time gone? 

There really are no words to describe my weekend beyond exhausting and unpredictable, so allow my pictures to do more explaining:
Halloween Night One: Toddler in Tiara

Saturday: Our Annual Parent Tailgate for the football game was endured through snow and sleet. Thanks for driving all the way from the blizzardy state of NJ, Momma! xoxo I get my tough side from her ;) 

Too cold to take pictures outside, we were the smart ones hangin' in the heated bathroom! 

More of my favorite chicas xxoo

Unlike most students, we actually made it to the miserable game. Hey, at least we checked one thing off our bucket list: front row seats baby!! 

Mom was bundled to say the least! Ha! 
After we warmed up on Saturday we ventured to DC for "Nightmare on M Street." A really fun costume bar hop - I dressed up as a toddler again because how could I not? 

And finally, on Monday we had huge plans to go out for the reaaal day of Halloween, and I decided to dress as a Grandma. Too bad I got SO in character that I opted to stay in to watch Hocus Pocus and write lesson plans. What can I say? The old lady really came out in me, but I'm ok with it.

Happy November, everyone!

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Miranda said...

i feel exhausted after this weekend...i need a few days to recover! cute pictures!

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