Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Firsts and a Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend marked the long awaited season premiere of two pieces of my fall wardrobe.
I slipped on my fall boots for the first time of the season, and it felt good. I missed the instant style factor a good pair of boots adds to any outfit this time of year. Although, the leather on my favorite pair is getting quite worn, and the heel is barely there any more after hitting too much pavement.  It's going to be difficult to replace such a perfect pair of boots, so I guess I should start looking now before I am forced to literally take my last steps in them.

A less welcomed premiere: jeans. It was chilly on the Jersey Shore Saturday morning before C's football game, and I will not lie, I panicked.  What would I possibly wear if it was too cold for shorts to be socially unacceptable? I called C's mom in an outfit emergency frenzy, which resulted in a convincing pro-denim proposal. I pulled out every pair of jeans I owned from the depths of my closet, and with despair tried on the first pair of full-length jeans to touch my skin since late April. The feeling was suffocating, and if my legs could breathe they would have been hyperventilating.  I chose a pair that would best complement a grey MU t-shirt and immediately took them off until moments before I had to leave the house. But then I put them on, and I indeed wore them for the entirety of my public appearance. And now jeans are officially part of my daily autumn vocabulary, because it's October and seasonably chilly. And because my legs aren't very tan any more it's ok.

In other, more exciting news, I drove home on Friday with my sister to have a girls night with our Momma :) Mom took us to the Papermill Playhouse to see our FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE Disney movie growing up, Newsies, adapted into an on-stage musical.  If you've never seen Newsies, shame on you, because you missed out on dreamy teenaged boys dancing and singing in scruffy Newsboy outfits. Christian Bale never looked cuter than he did in 1992 singing as a Newsie.

Anywho, the play was fantastic and I highly recommend it. We had such a great time - thanks Mom!!

On Saturday I cheered on the Hawks in their own fall fashion debut- new blue-on-blue uniforms! They looked tough. I'm a fan. Although they did endure a tough loss by 3 points to a team that definitely did not deserve a win.  Luckily it was an exciting game nonetheless, and after sufficient sulking, C and I were able to enjoy the night with some of his friends.
How good does my 49 look in all blue?
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I made C a batch of "themed" cookies. Here's a picture of one of the decent cookies embellished with an MU brassiere. Needless to say, these guys cheered him up. And I win best girlfriend of the year. 

Thank gosh for Sundays to turn around any losing-induced sorrows; I spent the morning being lazy with loverboy watching Toy Story 3 (love that movie!) before the Giants beat the Cardinals!

And there you have it, my weekend of fall fashion, a musical, football and some QT with the handsome BF.

Happy October, and happy Monday!


Sarah said...

Haha, those cookies are so cute! I lovvvve your boots :) That color of brown boots are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw that you commented on Natasha's blog and wanted to check it out!

They are such cute boots! And I really like your dress too!

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