Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend PUMP

I write to you from the cocoon of my down comforter on my full sized bed, sipping on autumn in a glass (aka apple cinnamon flax smoothie) and enjoying every last minute of relaxation I have before today at noon.  It's Friday, and while I'm excited to be off from school and work, I must reserve my energy for the weekend ahead of me. At the end of the weekend I'll have completed my first 27 hours of Les Mills BodyPump training. Yep, 9 hours a day for the next three days will be dedicated to learning, practicing, and memorizing the barbell rep effect that is "The Pump." I will probably complete about 12 full classes this weekend, each class hitting 70-100 reps of each muscle exercise. Holy soreness, I feel it already. 

We're bringing BodyPump to UMD this upcoming semester and were offered a certification - I totally jumped on the opportunity considering how much I love weight training, and the few Les Mills classes I've taken in the past. As excited as I am for the body transformation that is so common in BodyPump training as well as the fun that they claim comes with the training weekend, I must admit I am very apprehensive about they physical demands my body will endure. I am just recently recovering from Bronchitis (aka a long 3 week workout hiatus) and taught my first four Group Fitness classes on Wednesday and Thursday -- my booty is beyond sore..already. Lord help me get through the next three days. 

A little exercise motivation

Anyway, I'm a little upset I'll be missing Taste of DC this weekend considering it is supposed to be absolutely GORGEOUS DC weather, and I'm even more sad that I have to miss one of C's home games this Saturday. :( :(
But I am super excited to eventually be a certified BodyPump instructor! Woo hoo! 

For those of you not spending 27 hours indoors working out in a windowless aerobics studio, enjoy the weather, enjoy the football games, and if you happen to be in the Central Jersey area stop by and cheer for the MU Hawks for me, please!! 

Seriously, if there could just be like two more weekends in October so I could do everything I want to do, that would be great. 

Happy Weekend! 


Snoopy's Sweetheart said...

My hubby is working all this weekend to prepare for the Army Ten Miler, so I'll be missing Taste of D.C. too. But it's already gorgeous weather here in Alexandria, so let's take advantage of it! :)

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

yay for your jump to the BodyPump world! that's so exciting--and I'm so impressed! I'm currently in that bronchitis work-out hiatus myself, so I'm dying ;) hope you don't get too sore! xoxo {av}

P.S. I'm hosting a little Lilly Pulitzer giveaway--you're going to love it :)

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