Tuesday, February 22, 2011


2011 seems like a good year to make attainable and indelible resolutions.  Past years I unoriginally jumped on the “eat healthy and work out more” or “keep my room clean” bandwagons which I more so forgot rather than followed by mid-February.  Being that I am posting my resolutions to my public diary, I hope it (as well as my followers) will stand as a permanent reminder to stay true to my promises. Speaking of which, the perfect lead into my first resolution:

1. Write more.
...whether it be in blog, poem, note, or story form, I need to find time for this hobby that truly makes me happy.  Writing completely overwhelms me with a sense of pure satisfaction. Take note that 2011 will unquestionably be noted. 

2.  Run more.
... OK so I shamelessly fall once again upon the healthy habit bandwagon.  But this time with a more defined goal: 2011 will see at least one 10K race, and after, the training for a half-marathon
3.  Discover my “something interesting.”
... and own it.  Recently I was asked to proclaim a “really really interesting fact” about myself for the Group Fitness bulletin board.  What should be a simple task turned into an interrogation of my closest friends only to find what I already knew: my life (thus far) is not bulletin board interesting.  Yes I have my quirks, but is there something I accomplished in my twenty years interesting enough that people would want to read it? So far, I think not. A wise woman once said, “You’ve got to ignite the light, and let it shine. Just own the night, like the fourth of July.” I will take this advice, ignite the spark inside of me, and strive for a 2011 composed of many Fourths-of-July.

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